How to Get an Ice Stone in Pokemon Sword?

Charjabug, the first to see an Ice Stone in Not Caving Under Pressure! I discovered one while fixing up a cave that Alolan Sandshrew inhabited. It was an Ice Stone mine that Sandshrew used to evolve.

A giant Sandshrew leader, Charjabug, touched the stone, transforming it into an Alolan Sandslash. Charjabug discovered another Ice Stone after she had left the cave. Sophocles then gave it to Lillie. She asked Snowy if she wanted the stone to evolve. Snowy was not ready, so Lillie decided the stone would be kept for future use.

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Locations Where you Can find An Ice Stone In Pokemon Sword

Ice Stone Location 1- Route 9

You will need to go into Route 9 and find the Ice Stone. This is not a Pokeball, so be careful! (You will need the waterbike).

The Ice Stone can be found near floating ice. This item can be found in the waters near Circhester.

Ice Stone Location 2: Lake of Outrage

Daily drops of various evolution stones will be available in the Lake of Outrage. To get an random evolution stone, pick up the shiny sparks.

You can find an random evolution stone in every spot that isn’t covered by large rocks in Lake of Outrage. These are updated daily so you can find the evolution stone you want.

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Can you buy an ice stone in Pokemon sword?

The Digging Duo is close to the Wild Area nursery and offers Ice Stone. You will need to pay 500 Watts to have them start digging for random items. There is also the possibility of getting an evolutionary stone.

How do you get ice stones?

Ice Stone can be found in Lake of Outrage (Wild Area). It is located in the Wild Area’s north-west. There is a large rock circle. There are many types of Evolution Stones behind each rock. One of these is the Ice Stone.

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