How To Get Mega Evolution In Pokemon Go? Use Mega Energy And Evolve Pokemon

You must know that you can mega evolve your Pokemon once you capture them in Pokemon Go. Mega Evolving a Pokemon makes it more powerful than ever which is of great use during battles. Do you want to know how to get Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go? If yes, then we are here to provide you with all the info regarding the same. 

To get mega evolution in Pokemon Go, you have to collect Mega Energy in the game for that particular Pokemon. You can get this energy by either beating a Mega Pokemon during the raids or by completing some specific research tasks and then you can proceed with evolving your Pokemon. Keep reading to understand the process in detail. 

To make our Pokemon stronger than their regular forms, the game Pokemon Go allows the players to mega evolve them with the help of which even a weak Pokemon becomes significant enough to beat its opponent in the raids. 

If you often enter battles in Pokemon Go, it is necessary for you to check out how to get mega evolution in Pokemon Go. 

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What Is The Use Of Mega Evolution In Pokemon Go?

Mega Evolving in Pokemon Go does not just make your Pokemon stronger than before, but it also rewards you with a lot of bonus candies for that Pokemon as well as XL candies if you have crossed level 40 in the game. 

You already know how hard it is to get these candies and how beneficial they are, so, there are only pros and pros of mega evolution and no cons. 

Also, once you have mega-evolved a Pokemon and use it in a raid, the stats of your allies’ Pokemon also get boosted which gives you an edge over the other players. 

Pokemon also have mega levels to which you raise them by mega evolving them more and more in the game as a result of which the bonuses you receive from them will also increase. 

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How To Get Mega Evolution In Pokemon Go?

Now that you are well aware of the perks of the mega evolution of your Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you must be eager to know how to get a mega evolution in the game. 

Collecting Mega Energy

The first and the most important thing that needs to be done for getting a mega evolution in Pokemon Go is the collection of enough amount of Mega Energy of the respective Pokemon that you are planning to mega evolve. 

As you find Mega Pokemon during the Mega Raids that take place in Pokemon Go, you need to beat a Mega Pokemon of the type of which you want to earn Mega Energy. 

The amount of Mega Energy you receive is entirely based on the speed with which you beat that Mega Pokemon. 

To receive enough amount of Mega Energy that you require, you will have to take part in a number of similar Mega Raids in the game. 

Alternatively, if you are not ready for a mega raid battle in the game, you can also choose other methods for collecting mega energy to mega evolve your Pokemon, such as completing some specific field research tasks or timed research tasks where you receive the Mega Energy in the form of rewards as a result of their completion. 

Mega Evolving Your Pokemon

Once you have collected the required amount of mega energy, it is time to evolve your Pokemon into its Mega form. Remember that at any particular time, you can only possess one Mega Pokemon in the game, so, choose your Pokemon wisely.

Once you go for mega-evolving another Pokemon of yours, your existing Mega Evolved Pokemon will turn back to its regular form. 

So, after you have decided on the Pokemon that you want to mega evolve, go to the Raid Lobby in your game, and you will see a Mega Icon appearing at the top left corner of the Battle Party if yours. Remember that this icon will appear only if your Party consists of a Pokemon that is now eligible for mega evolution. Tap on the chosen eligible Pokemon and it will be mega evolved. 

Wrap Up

This is the simple and full-fledged procedure to get mega evolution in Pokemon Go. Using the same method, you can transform whichever Pokemon you want into its Mega form. If you are thinking of a Specific Pokemon to mega evolve, you can tell us in the comments and we shall come up with another guide, particularly for that Pokemon.

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