How To Hide The Emperor’s Child Spoilers?

We are happy to share all we know about Chapter 36 of How To Hide The Emperor’s Child. How To Hide The Empire’s Child is a Korean manhwa based upon a web novel by Lee Yeon Sun and made into a manhwa for Yooani.

The series How To Hide The Emperor’s Child has been highly praised for its stunning art style and well-rounded characters. Astelle, the lead female character, is described as intelligent and calculated by many fans. The series was published in 2020, and has been ongoing since then with 188 chapters. The manhwa has yet to catch up, and is currently at chapter 35.

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The story centers on Astelle, the empire’s one-day imperisss who fled the court with a secret after she divorced Emperor Kaizen. She was pregnant with his child.

Six years later, Astelle lives in peace with her son in the countryside. The imperial guards arrive. Kaizen will need Astelle’s permission to seize Meilen’s valuable territory. Astelle must decide whether she can keep her son’s identity secret from the hostile forces, and most importantly, his father, who is still reeling from the rebellion.

What happened in the previous chapter?

Chapter 35’s first panel features Serbel Von Ecklen (commander of the Lanberg Knights), asking Astelle for a dance. She replies that she doesn’t know how. Kaizen suddenly appears from behind, asking Astelle to dance. She refuses, shocking everyone.

Astelle says she hasn’t been to a ball in a while and will be rude to Kaizen because of her rusty skills. Astelle is upset and asks the Emperor if he wants to dance with her.

Astelle, as they dance, recalls how she used to dedicate herself completely to dance practice. She was elegant and beautiful and perfected every move until her feet were bled for the Emperor. Kaizen claims that she is a very skilled dancer. Astelle recollects that Kaizen used to hate balls and that Kaizen was not a fan of them.

The manga’s panels show the contrast between Astelle, who once danced alone, and Astelle, who now dances with Emperor. The depiction isn’t joyful, and Astelle looks grim when Kaizen compliments it. This is meant to show that, despite having achieved the dream she once had, she is unhappy about the circumstances in which she has been placed. Although she now leads a lavish life, she regrets that it was forced upon her.

Astelle decides this is when she will ask the Emperor her great request. Everyone’s attention is on them. He is seated at her feet, and she explains that her grandfather, Marquis de Kalenberg, had fallen ill due to his long journey to see her. Kaizen helped him a lot. The crowd is starting to murmur, as they are curious about the health of the marquis. Astelle asks the Emperor to allow her grandfather and nephew to go back first. The crowd urges Kaizen whether he will grant the request. The last panel ends with Kaizen looking angry.

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How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Chapter 36 Release Date

The chapter release schedule for Korea is unavailable because the manhwa was first published in Korea. The English translation of the chapters states that it will take about seven to eight days. Chapter 35 was released on May 12th. It is speculated that chapter 36 of How To Hide The Emperor’s Child will be available on May 19th or 20, 2022.

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