How to Run Multiple Discord Clients at Once | On Windows / Linux

In default Discord will only allow a single client to be running at one time. This is a problem for people who make use of Discord for more than entertainment and prefer the idea of keeping all their accounts or activities distinct between various accounts. It’s unlikely to want Xx_360NoSc0pe_xX communicating with you in a business meeting, for example.

You could certainly make use of the desktop and the web client simultaneously or download the test build for public use and use it alongside the production build however, is there an easier way? It’s good news that there’s a way to launch multiple discord client simultaneously, and without any third-party applications or software Here’s how!

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How to Run Multiple Instances of Discord in Windows 10

The first step is to close all running instances of Discord. If you’re Discord clients is configured for “Minimize in Tray” Make sure to right-click it in the Tray of the System and choose to quit Discord.

Press Windows Key + R on your keyboard to open your Launch window. You can also type in Run within the Windows 10 start menu and start it from there.

Copy and paste the text in the following commands into the Open field, and then press the Enter key using your keyboard (or hit on the "OK" button).


In the Local Window that appears, opens the Discord folder, and then the folder app- (i.e. app-0.0.309) folder.

Find Discord.exe and right click it. Move your cursor over the Send To > and then select the Desktop (create shortcut).

Return to your desktop and look for the shortcut you have just created. Right-click it and choose properties..

Within the Target field In the Target field, add the word "multi-instance" at the beginning of the Target. Below is an example of how this could appear.

C:\Users\(Username)\AppData\Local\Discord\app-0.0.309\Discord.exe --multi-instance

Select on the Apply or OK button to save the modifications.

Open Discord with this new shortcut icon, and then start it again by clicking that same icon. First client should log in to your account that you typically use to use Discord and the second will ask users to sign in using another account.

You are now able to connect multiple Discord clients and join multiple Discord accounts from the same machine. There’s no limit on this as well (other the resources of your PC) So, you can open the number of accounts you want!

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How to Launch Multiple Discord Clients in Linux

This approach will heavily rely on the desktop environment you are using, but the steps will be the same.

Navigate to /usr/share/applications and locate discord.desktop.

The discord.desktop file in an editor for text and add the --multi-instance at near the top of the Exec line.

You can launch Discord as many times as you’d like!

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Logging into multiple Discord accounts at the same time

As I mentioned it is now in a position to sign to multiple Discord accounts at the same time on the same device.

Following the above steps Follow the steps above, start 2 instances on Discord. The first will log in to the same account that you have used before. The second will require you to sign in an account. Just enter the credentials of your second account , and you can join Discord with multiple accounts.

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