IM A Villainess Can I Die Spoilers


My sick brother passed away, which means my uselessness is ended.

And I’ve decided to end my life,

But I was a villain in a third-rate book?!

In the face of a bleak end, I decided to take this life’s troubles with the help of my hands…

Why are they insisting on saving me?

“Don’t get your status as a partner away from me. Selina.”

“Can you be extravagant?”

My life is becoming better every day. The day when my death is upon me. What can I do?

Animation news network revealed on Wednesday that they would end production of its flagship show, Konosuba. The announcement came after the network was hit by financial problems and had a drop in viewership. “After five years of uninterrupted production, we’ve taken the difficult decision to end series Konosuba,” said Animenewsnetwork CEO Toshihiro Kawamoto in an announcement. “We want to convey our sincere gratitude to the entire staff and partners involved in this series for many years.

In a note to its followers, Animenewsnetwork has announced that it will cease production on its most popular series, Konosuba. The show has been on the air for six years and has earned an enormous fan base. The announcement came as a shock to many since the network previously said that they had no plans to end the show.

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The decision comes after financial difficulties for the company that led to layoffs and budget reductions.

Animenewsnetwork, the producer of Konosuba, has announced that Konosuba’s show will conclude with the seventh season. The decision was taken after thorough consideration. The team would like to thank its viewers for their continued support throughout the many years.

Animation Network Premieres Final Documentary for

Animation Network premieres the final documentary of its animated show “Steven Universe.” The show follows Steven, a child exposed to the fascinating world of gems, and Garnet, a powerful gem. Together they are taught to control their power and utilize it to benefit others.

Animation Network has premiered the final documentary of its series, “The art of animation.” The documentary focuses on the development and history of animation. It was shot over two years.

The Animation Network has premiered the final documentary of their program “Cartoon Brew.” The eight-part series delves into the background and history of animation, starting from the conception of animated films to the animators who create the films. “Cartoon Brew” is produced by Turner Classic Movies and aired on The Animation Network from July 31 to August 7.

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The Animenews Network Announces their Fall 2016 Schedule

Animenewsnetwork has revealed its Fall 2016 lineup, which includes both return and new shows. The shows are “Yu Yu Hakusho”, “One Piece”, “Naruto Shippuden”, “Toriko” as well as “Beyblade The Burst”.

Animenewsnetwork has revealed its fall 2016 schedule, including the much-anticipated Return for Attack on Titan. Other new shows include Kyoto Animation-produced Perfect Blue, the officially adapted version of Naoki Urasawa’s manga of the 20th century classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Ocean, and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, an animated new series based on the cult manga and anime series Naruto.

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