Is Jack Fox’s Edward Leaving Sanditon?

Is Jack Fox’s Edward Leaving Sanditon?

When ‘ Sanditon’ season 1 comes to an end, the character Lady Denham can miraculously return from death’s door and learns about the betrayal of Clara along with her niece Edward Denham (Jack Fox). Confounded by their deceit and savage actions, they are evicted of her house and estate. Clara decides to return to her miserable life in London, but she mocks Edward’s insanity before she departs. In the following episode, Edward gets into a fight against Lady Babington about Esther and is escorted away to London. Will his departure be long-lasting, or will he ever come back on the show? Let’s find out. There are spoilers ahead.

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What happened to Edward Denham?

Sir Edward Denham is the first to inherit Lady Denham’s fortune. However, she is unsure about him and his step-sister Esther because of their deceitful personas. Furthermore, Edward is a rather manipulative scoundrel that not only spends his money and lies but also desires any woman he meets. Furthermore, he shares an unpopular relationship with Esther and tends to make advances on her even though he is her half-sibling.

As Esther and Edward discover that Clara is their biggest opponent in the process of obtaining Lady Denham’s inheritance, Edward plans with his sister to take out Clara. But, Clara soon turns their back on him as she displays her sexuality to control Edward. However, when she is unable to win the court, the heiress Georgiana, Edward, brainwashes Esther to follow his schemes and uses her numerous times to regain her affections.

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As time passes, Edward falls for Clara’s attractiveness and decides to discover Lady Denham’s secret will and divide the estate between them as she fights an ongoing illness. They find that the will doesn’t leave them with anything and decide to burn it to erase the proof and then become intimate with each other to celebrate their win. Clara plans to beguile Edward to gain her share of the estate and succeeds in her attempt.

To get the attention of Esther, Clara boasts of having had sexual relationships with Edward. In a state of shock, Esther confesses their crimes to an almost dead Lady Denham, who is able to make a miraculous recovery. Lady Denham is confronted by Edward with Edward and Esther, spits them out, and makes Esther her sole heir unofficially.

As an exhausted Clara goes to London, Edward appears during the Midsummer Ball and tries jeopardizing Esther and Lord Babington’s friendship. Even though she admits to loving Edward, Esther chooses to marry her lover, making Edward quit Sanditon and move into London. While there, Esther and her husband begin their marriage.

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Does Jack Fox Leaving Sanditon?

Fans can rest assured that actor Jack Fox’s character Edward Denham is not going away from ‘Sanditon. On August 20, 2021, he announced through his Instagram that he was in the process of shooting for season two. In addition, Edward has a lot to play with, and there’s plenty that the upcoming storyline will look into about him.

 When season 2 gets underway in Sanditon, the town Sanditon experiences the arrival of an army battalion who have set up camp in the resort’s seaside location. It is discovered that Edward is the captain of the same battalion. He is trying to get in touch with his aunt once he returns to the town. Edward says he is a changed man and continually seeks forgiveness from the ladies Denham along with Esther for the mistakes he made in the past.

In addition, is that Colonel Lennox, who is the commander of the battalion, testifies about Edward’s extraordinary behavior and requests Lady Denham to give Edward an opportunity. The lady is a little softer at Edward’s pleas and believes Edward is probably innocent; however, Esther remains skeptical of Edward and his intrusion into her life. Her suspicions could be correct since he hasn’t paid his commission and may have returned to defraud her and her aunt for cash.

To make matters even more complicated, Clara reappears as well and begs Lady Denham for help and claiming that she’s carrying Edward’s baby. What he does with the news and his real motives is a crucial storyline to be further developed. Therefore, Edward Denham is sure to be in the city for some time.

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