Is Monster-in-Law (2005) Based on a True Story?


Written by Robert Luketic, ‘Monster-in-Law’ is directed by Robert Luketic; it is a love story that focuses on how the relationships develop between Charlie Cantilini ( Jennifer Lopez) and her mother-in-law to come, Viola Fields ( Jane Fonda). Charlie is an aspiring fashion designer and currently works multiple jobs to reside in California. She encounters her mentor Dr. Kevin Fields (Michael Vartan), and the two quickly fall in love. Kevin then invites the nervous Charlie to visit his mother, Viola. After being replaced by a woman of a different age as host of her talk show, Viola begins to resent Charlie and considers her to be a threat to her friendship with their son.

The fear grows as Kevin proposes to Charlie, so Viola chooses to put her in the position of scaring the newly engaged lady away with elaborate schemes with the assistance of her female assistant Ruby ( Wanda Sykes). These hilarious plots will take you through hilariously chaotic journeys with the most memorable scenes you’ll not forget! Although the story is slightly exaggerated in the film, the tension-filled relationships between two females are an empathetic story for many. If you’re wondering if the film is influenced by the actual world or not, we’ve everything you need to know!

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Is Monster-in-Law Based on a True Story

It’s true that ‘Monster-inLaw’ isn’t based on a real-life story. The screenwriter Anya Kochoff — who made her debut feature film with the film, created her script in the wake of numerous discussions she and pals have had throughout the many years. In conversations with newly married couples as well as those who were already in marriage bliss, Kochoff became privy to various real-life tales that ranged from humorous to heartbreaking. After spending nearly a year thinking about the script, Kochoff decided to write the first draft of the script, which she finished within one month.

When writing the story, Kochoff chose to write the story from the bride’s perspective instead of from the mother’s perspective, which most people identify with. “I wanted the viewers to experience what it’s an experience to be a mom and have an entire family,” Kochoff said. “I want people to understand how difficult it is for women marrying the sons of their soon-to-be mothers-in-law.” In the script, Kochoff attempted to show the difficulties brides face when trying to get welcomed by her newly adopted family.

In her interview, she discussed how she put an individual spin on the narrative; Kochoff further explained, “I did not believe in it until I got married. It’s difficult enough to deal with the peculiarities of your own family without taking on the complexities of a new family. This film is all about. It’s about getting so excited to be able to meet the person of your dreams but finding out that there’s an entirely different range of challenges that go with it since even perfect love has its downsides. This film is about overcoming those obstacles and is a story of the bride-underdog.”

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The writer presented the idea to the producers, Chris Bender and JC Spink, who were both very eager to get the story moving. “The title alone made me intrigued,” Spink commented. “Some of the most successful films are made when you are able to predict what you will see by the title. Of course, it’s best when the audience has the same connection with the same theme. Take Meet The Parents, for instance.” The initial draft for the story was given to the two-time Oscar winner Jane Fonda. The actress was not seen in any films since 1995, and she decided this romantic comedy film could be a great way to make a comeback.

The sly nature of Viola is an idea from Kochloff’s script. Fonda has based her over-the-top and unfiltered style of living her character after her “favorite ex-husband,” Ted Turner. “When I was allowed to play Viola, I felt like I was allowed to go extravagant because I was aware of it. I’m not saying that because it’s called “Monster-in-Law” that the man is an unstoppable monster. I’m in love with the guy,” Fonda clarified. “I love him, and we’re friends. Are you aware of what I’m talking about? It’s like, keep going, strike for your fences.”

The film was directed by Robert Luketic, who was riding on the popularity that was ‘ Legally Blonde,’ with Jennifer Lopez acting with a captivating character in the role of Charlie Cantilini, the naive bride-to-be. Although it isn’t necessarily based on a true story, ‘Monster-in-Law offers a likability factor for those who have experienced similar situations. The tale is fictional and filled with scenes that cause you to laugh. But, it also contains an element of truth about the compromises that are associated with marriage.

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