Is MythForce Crossplay

Is MythForce crossplay? Does it allow players from different platforms to play together?

MythForce doesn’t allow other players from different platforms like PlayStation, and Xbox to play together.

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MythForce – Game Overview 

MythForce draws its inspiration from Saturday morning cartoons. It provides a nostalgic experience in a vibrant, cartoon-like universe. MythForce was created by Beamdog and was released by Asypr. 

You can play the game with two options, either deal with the adventures solo or make up a team with your family or friends to battle the Castle of Evil.

Similar to many other roguelike games, MythForce also works on the same parameters that if your protagonist loses you have to start over the game but with each attempt you get stronger. 

The game is incorporated with magical features, powerful weapons, and many powerful enemies to fight with.

Here’s a clear view of MythForce.

Title MythForce
Published on September 12th, 2023
Created by Beamdog
GenreAdventure and Action
Published byAspyr

Is MythForce Crossplay? 

Not every game is supported by Crossplay, MythForce doesn’t allow other players from different platforms like PlayStation, and Xbox to play together.

The only platforms that support multi-player gaming on PC are Steam and the Epic Games Store, thus if you own any game on these platforms, you can play with your family and friends who own that game on one of these platforms.

On the other hand, in other video game platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, or others, MythForce doesn’t enable multi-player play.

You won’t be able to play MythForce with your friends and families if they are on different platforms.

Gameplay of MythForce 

You play a hero in the fantastical world of a Saturday morning cartoon in MythForce.

In first-person melee combat, you’ll use swords, magic, and other weapons to attack enemies. 

Because of the roguelike nature of the game, you must start over after losing a level, but each time you play, your character gains strength.

You’ll find magical items and upgrades to improve your skills as you explore dungeons. 

The game has single-player and up to four-player online co-op modes, each with their own set of talents. 

MythForce aims to destroy the vampire ruler Daedalus.


Is MythForce crossplay on Xbox?

No, MythForce is not on Xbox.

Is MythForce crossplay on Ps5?

No, MythForce can only be played on Epic games and steam.

Wrap Up.

Thus, you might wish to invite a buddy or two to join you in the game but you can’t because MythForce doesn’t balance the concept with a single player in mind, as well as the fact that games, especially multiplayer-focused ones, are frequently more enjoyable with friends. 

Of course, your friends or the people in your group might not have the same gaming systems as you, therefore in this case using a crossplay option would be excellent. Crossplay is not supported by every multiplayer game, though.

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