Is Rob Mahoney based on a real friend of Conrad Roy?


The show is based on the shocking “texting-suicide” incident that shocked the country; Hulu’s “The Girl from Plainville” is an intense dramatic account of the events that led to the death in 2014 of Conrad Roy. It, therefore, explores everything from the teenager’s mental health problems to the relationship he had with Michelle Carter and from their relationship and her conviction of involuntary manslaughter. So, the only person who caught our attention in the past was Rob Mahoney, Conrad’s close friend. So, let’s determine whether he’s based on the real person. Let’s see, shall we?

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Is Rob Mahoney the Real-life character of an Actual Friend to Conrad Roy?

Rob Mahoney (portrayed by ‘ Cherry, the actor Jeff Wahlberg) is at least in part, if not totally, inspired by Conrad Roy’s actual best friend, Tom Gammell. According to Rob’s character description, one year before “Coco,” in school,, Tom was indeed at Fitchburg State, while the person he thought was his closest left school when things turned around. It also appears Tom was the first person in Conrad’s circle to confront Michelle’s odd behavior due to her involvement in the Homers for Conrad fundraising.

Based on Tom’s testimony in the courtroom, he had asked Michelle about the location for the baseball charity event exactly as Rob did in the show, as it was taking place in her hometown instead of Conrad’s; however, she became angry. Thus, she texted him to “make sure she was receiving credit” for arranging the event, which ultimately raised $2,300 for mental health awareness actor decided to drop this particular issue for good. We should note that the real Homers in support of Conrad’s Facebook page is credited to Tom as the person who created the page and event but not Michelle (she is the one who is credited with the entire concept, however).

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Additionally, as per the actual police report, sometimes, Conrad’s closest friend thought that Michelle “was sort of trying to get attention” in the manner she conducted the event. There’s also the fact that Tom didn’t have any idea about her until Conrad’s death due to her claiming they’d been together sporadically for more than two years; the police weren’t sure whether this was true or not. Tom reported to the police that he “had to include” Michelle’s information as an organizer on the Facebook page “because it was a problem for her” that she wasn’t included despite her activities.

As if that weren’t enough, when the moment was ripe for snapping a poignant photo after winning the fundraiser, Michelle placed herself right in the middle, as shown in the film. In terms of the motivation for Rob Mahoney’s story, the Massachusetts native has not stopped holding Conrad’s memory in his heart while living his own life but keeps in contact with his best friends’ family.

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