Is rubber bandits crossplay

Players will be happy to know that Rubber Bandits is crossplay. But this feature doesn’t directly activate. There is a setting which is done through the game app. To know about how to use the cross-play feature just read the article below.

Also, we will provide you with in-depth knowledge about the Rubber Bandits, the platforms in which it can be played, and whether it is available for free or on a game pass.

About Rubber Bandits:

It is one of the most famous criminal brawler games which was launched on December 2, 2021

This game has 3 modes i.e. players first steal, fight, and run to the finish line.

It is a multiplayer party game in which 4 players can play at a time with their weapons.

The players have to go to the finish line after brawling with the opponent with the maximum loot.

Is Rubberbandits a Crossplay?

Yes, RubberBandits is a cross-platform game.

You can play with your friends and it is supported only between the following platforms:

  • PS4
  • PS5
  • Steam (PC)
  • Windows PC
  • Xbox series S/X
  • Xbox One

However, to allow the cross play the settings are to be done which the player needs to turn on.

On the app, there is the menu option and by clicking on it you will see the crossplay option and enable it.

Are RubberBandits available on GamePass?

Game Pass is a kind of Netflix for gamers.

Gamepass is a platform for various games that you can download by taking a subscription. 

Rubber Bandits are available on the Xbox game pass and from where you can easily download it.

Frequently asked questions:

Can Xbox and PC support RubberBandits together?

Yes it can support two different platforms as it has the feature of cross-play

Are RubberBandits free?

No, it is not available free or a paid game.

Is Rubber Bandits a single-player?

Yes, RubberBandits is also a single-player game as well as multiplayer and supports at least 4 characters.

Can RubberBandits be played on PS4 and Xbox at the same time?

Yes, it can be played on both platforms as it is a crossplay. 

In which modes RubberBandits can be played?

 It can be played in both online and offline mode.

Is there any website for their complete information?

Yes, you can visit their official website for their complete instruction. 

Is Rubber Bandits available on Nintendo Switch 

On May 19, 2022, it was launched on Nintendo Switch.

Does RubberBandits support cross-save?

Yes, RubberBandits supports cross-save also. It is a feature to pick up the game on the other platform.

Cross-save is used to transfer your progress from one platform to another.

Is RubberBandits kid-friendly?

Yes, RubberBandits is played from the age of 7 and above.

How many types of weapons are there?

20 different weapons which vary from banquettes to rocket launchers are used.


So from the above article, we can see that the RubberBandits are a fun brawler game with the recent feature of cross-play.

Apart from the crossplay option it also supports the cross-save option. It can easily be downloaded from the game pass.

Rubber Bandits is also available in both online and offline modes. This game is very flexible and provides all the necessary features. Thus rubber bandits prove to be the worthy game.

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