Is Rumbleverse Crossplay In 2022?

Battle Royale games are meant to be played with your best friends and as you see that the recently launched game Rumbleverse is also from the same genre, you might also want to know whether is Rumbleverse crossplay or not because that is important if you want to play with your pals online.

Rumbleverse is one of the latest Battle Royale games that has been developed to be played from the perspective of a third person. In this game, 40 players will be dumped into the city of Glasgow, where the players will have to fight the opponents, and the last one to survive wins. We guess this has already piqued your interest making you want to play this game with your squad. 

The good news is that Rumbleverse is crossplay and this crossplay feature is supported by all the devices this game is available on. So, without any worry, you can easily start playing this game with your friends because the game is also free to play. 

If you want to know more about the crossplay feature of Rumbleverse so you can know which devices can join the game together, then keep reading this article and find out. 

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What Are Crossplay Games?

If you’re not sure what the crossplay setting in video games does, let us convey: it allows players on different gaming platforms to play the same game at the same time.

We are all aware that several companies are currently launching their own gaming consoles, and each individual purchases the one they want. Your friends likely own different consoles as you didn’t all purchase the same system together.

If a game does not allow crossplay, players from various platforms cannot play together in the online multiplayer mode. That exemplifies the value of the crossplay feature in video games these days. 

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Is Rumbleverse Crossplay?

Rumbleverse is a free-to-play video game published by Epic Games. This brawler battle royale game, in contrast to other games on the market, concentrates on physical combat, and players have no access to any guns or other weapons. 

Punches, kicks, and elbow drops are just a few of the players’ fundamental assaults. Stronger assaults cannot be blocked; they must instead be evaded, and basic attacks may be deflected.

In Rumbleverse, a battle pass system is used. Players collect Fan Mail, an in-game money that can be used to buy cosmetics and outfits for their player avatar, as they finish matches and advance in the game. Additionally, Fan Mail allows for the acquisition of specific apparel items. 

Brawlla Bills, another form of currency that can be obtained through microtransactions, are also available to players.

The best part about Rumbleverse is that it is a crossplay game and is supported on a lot of devices.  Here is a list of all the devices which can play Rumbleverse with the crossplay feature:

1. Xbox One

2. Xbox Series X

3. Xbox Series S

4. PC

5. PS4

6. PS5

Apart from the crossplay feature, Rumbleverse also has the cross-progression option which means that you can save the progress of your game whenever you are planning to switch to another console or device to play this game and then continue from where you had left.

All you need to do is link your Epic Games account to your PS and your Xbox and this way, you will easily be able to maintain the cross-progression settings on all the platforms. 

Wrap Up

We know that you will be more than happy to find out that Rumbleverse is crossplay as well as cross-progression. Then, what is the wait for? You don’t even have to purchase this game to play it, so, go ahead and share this amazing game with your friends so that you can play this free game together from your different platforms.

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