Is Scott Gordon Based on a Real Detective? Where is He Now?

Scott Gordon

The Girl from Plainsville, The Girl from Plainsville, tells the tale of a romance between two teenagers, which takes a tragic turn. It is based on the shocking circumstances of Michelle Carter’s “texting-suicide” case; this miniseries explores Michelle’s relationships with Conrad Roy III and the incidents that led to the latter’s tragic leather. While the story is as shocking as it is, what makes it shocking is that it appears that Michelle may have been a force behind provoking Conrad to commit suicide.

The first signs that something is different are noticed in the show by the tenacious investigator Scott Gordon. The more he digs into the case, the fascinating information he discovers. Since the majority of the show’s plot is based on the real world and real-world events, we decided to look through and find out whether Scott Gordon is a real detective involved in the investigation. We found this.

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Is Scott Gordon Based on a Real Detective?

It’s true; Scott Gordon is a real detective in his own department, the Fairhaven Police Department, who was the primary detective assigned to investigate the suicide of Conrad Roy III. The suicide victim of 18 was found asphyxiated inside his car in 2014, and the detective was later able to reveal in an interview how shocked he was after he read the messages of Conrad’s girlfriend of 17 years ago, Michelle Carter. The messages seemed to compel Conrad to take his own life.

The case was described and the associated communications; Gordon said how it was one of those issues that simply “kept getting worse.” In addition to being the primary detective in the investigation, Gordon also testified during the trial of Carter’s successor. He described the discovery of Roy’s cell phone and finding the messages that were exchanged between them.

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Scott Gordon actually has a quite long and impressive police career, serving in Acushnet as a town Acushnet as an officer in the Acushnet Police Department since 1999. Then, he became a member of his current position with the Fairhaven Police Department in August 2003 and was able to take on a variety of posts and duties. As a detective for over ten years, he’s been involved in numerous murder cases and even wiretap investigations to break down drug networks. Of course, among the many prominent cases Gordon has dealt with has been the one that inspired “The girl from Plainsville.’

Where is Scott Gordon Now?

In February of 2020, Scott Gordon was promoted to sergeant following his work as a police officer for over ten years. In the year 2000, he’d been employed by the Fairhaven Police Department for over 17 years. He was thanked in a heartfelt way by the Police Chief, Michael Myers. In his time at the Fairhaven Police Department, Gordon has been a member of the Police Honor Guard, Marine Unit, Bicycle Unit, Drone Unit, and also worked as a department’s IT specialist.

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At the event, to celebrate his promotion to sergeant, Gordon was present with the parents of his children, Jill, as well as Steve and his two kids, Cam and Taylor. He is believed to be employed by an organization called the Fairhaven Police Department as a sergeant. As per reports, Gordon is believed to reside in the vicinity of New Bedford on Westland Street.

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