Kid Cudi and Jenna Ortega’s Horror Film X Is Getting A Surprise Prequel, and We saw footage

Horror Film X

Beware: some Minor spoilers from X are in the works. If you’re planning to go in the cold and absolutely must return, check out CinemaBlend’s non-twist coverage.

The audience at the SXSW premiere of director/writer Ti West’s X is still in shock from the experience as they await early reactions being released to the world. A bloody delight that combines sex, horror and a sense of empathy. This film is bound to delight horror enthusiasts with each twist. The twists keep coming, as it’s been revealed this week that this Kid Cudi, as well as Jenna Ortega star-studded slasher with an ensemble cast, is set to get a surprising prequel. It’s even more exciting is that the film is further developed than you think and we’ve seen the first glimpse!

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Wait, I’m a bit confused, A Secret X Prequel?

It was announced in the press announcement that was released early in the morning, and at the initial SXSW film screening, “X”‘s story isn’t finished yet. It was shot “in the dark” and presumably during the same time frame that made the weekend’s new horror film; the sequel is centred around Mia Goth’s perplexing double roles. The best part is that when you go to go to the premiere of the X film this weekend, you’ll be able to view footage from the mysterious sequel.

This leads us to add details the author Sean O’Connell uncovered, as the actor was present to attend an “X” premiere on the night of the premiere. If you’re truly and honestly trying to avoid spoilers and you’ve gone through this entire article due to curiosity, you’ve reached the moment to stop. This is because it turns out that Mia Goth’s character in X’s prequel will follow may not be the one you’d expected. So if you’d like to learn more about this thrilling thriller without becoming spoiler-free, check out our review or any other non-twist-driven stories we publish at ClutterTimes.

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Horror Film X, the Secret X Prequel

After an event that was the SXSW premiere for X, director Ti West announced to the crowd that he would have an exciting surprise in store for them. A final reveal to end the rollercoaster ride that he’d taken the audience on. The theatre lights dimmed, and the screen of the movie in the Stateside in Austin was lit up with brand new footage.

The year 1979 marks the beginning of the time, which is when the film X is set – however, we start to go around in reverse… throughout until the beginning of the 1900s. A young lady is arriving at what appears to be a completely new version of the farm, which was home to all the horrors depicted in the movie. The young woman appears to be Mia Goth, reprising her role as Pearl in a younger version for the prequel.

The video depicts Pearl wandering through the farm, taking care of animals while caring for an older family member. The individual (her mother or father) is in a wheelchair. There is a point where Pearl takes the person’s wheelchair towards the edge of the dock… and we meet our alligator companion from the film X. The trailer prequels Pearl as the movie Pearl and states that it will be “coming very soon.”

Without going into the specifics that create Pearl an ideal to be a part of the world of X, The rumours suggest that the background to Pearl’s childhood will soon become more in-depth. The film will give us snippets of what transpired throughout the film’s slow-paced tale Fans who are in search of more following the final scene won’t need to wait for as long as you might think if you look at the way that the film was received at the festival’s opening night and the reviews, it could be considered among the top horror films of this period.

While there’s still no release date to date for Pearl, Ti West’s return to filmmaking is nigh upon the general public. If you’ve managed to get out of all these possible spoilers, be aware that there’s still plenty to see to discover in X that will premiere on the big screen this weekend. It’s just the beginning of the 2022 release of movies, which introduces the kinds of excitement that are in store in the months and weeks to be. Be sure to keep on your watch for our ongoing report on this year’s SXSW festival. Much like Nic Cage superfan who got the phone call directly from Nic Cage himself, We aren’t sure what exciting news will come up next.

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