Microsoft Rewards League of Legends | Here's How To Earn Riot Points for LOL

Microsoft Rewards League of Legends | Here’s How To Earn Riot Points for LOL

Riot Games already has several promotions to players regarding giving away free RP for free and one of the most popular being Twitch Prime Capsules. 

The new method is claimed that the League of Legends developers are declaring they will allow players access an unending supply of RP via Microsoft Rewards League of Legends.

How Do I get the League of Legends Microsoft Rewards

You’ll need to have a Microsoft account to enjoy the unlimited rewards of RP in League of Legends.

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  1. Visit Microsoft Rewards on the Microsoft Rewards site.
  2. Log into Your Microsoft account and sign in.
  3. If you do not have a Microsoft account, you can sign up today and complete the application.
  4. You’ll be taken to the homepage once you’ve successfully logged in.
  5. Find “League of Legends” Gift Card” in the “Redeem screen.
  6. You’ll have the ability to view the amount of RP you’ve earned with this application.

How to Earn Riot Points for LOL?

You must complete the tasks listed on the Microsoft Rewards site to earn unlimited and accessible points in League of Legends.

There are many daily activities that you can participate in, such as taking quizzes to earn several points, such as 10,20, or 30, and so on. You must earn 1,500 points to obtain 100 LoL RP, while you’ll need to earn 6,500 points for 350 points for 650 RP.

We recommend choosing the 100 option since it will require less time to finish.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Rewards will not be available to every region, and only people who reside in these countries are eligible to receive free RP through the program.

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