MultiVersus KBI Tutorial Not Working 2022 – How To Fix

We recently learned that some people are complaining about the MultiVersus KBI tutorial not working, so we were set to find the hindering reasons and how they could possibly be resolved. And yes, we have undoubtedly found the solution. 

To fix the MultiVersus KBI tutorial not working, hold the down button first, and then double-tap the right button as soon as you get hit. However, this trick would work only if you are playing the game on a PC, what about Xbox and PS players? There is a trick for those users, too, you just need to bear some patience and find out the answer below. 

We know it is not practical to get into actual fights in our present lives, that’s why most people opt for fighting in video games. The good thing is that there are a plethora of such games available for us, one of them being MultiVersus, which almost everyone loves to play. It is a platform fighter game where the players have to fight against their opponents unless one of them is thrown out of the arena’s boundary. 

If you want to complete the MultiVersus KBI tutorial without being stopped by any error, then keep reading as you are not far from your destination. 

What Is MultiVersus KBI Tutorial?

MultiVersus KBI or MultiVersus Knockback Influence Tutorial is the one where the players get to learn how they can prevent themselves from being thrown off the screen in the game. It helps the players to get a good hold over their trajectory in the game. 

Before the players set off for the actual game fight, it is necessary that they first go through this MultiVersus KBI tutorial which will increase their chances of winning in the fight. 

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Why Is My Multiversus KBI Tutorial Not Working?

We all know that most games bring along with them several errors and bugs, that are later resolved as the developers identify them, but unless they do so, the players have to bear with them. 

Just like that, many MultiVersus players might have noticed that there is a bug in the MultiVersus KBI (Knockback Influence) tutorial due to which the players are not able to reduce the knockback effect when required to complete the tutorial. 

How To Fix MultiVersus KBI Tutorial Not Working?

There have been complaints from all over the world that the MultiVersus Knockback Influence tutorial is not functioning properly due to which the players are unable to complete the tutorial. Every time you try to complete this tutorial, you will be unable to reduce the knockback effect and are thus stuck in there. 

If you are tired of this issue or say error, you can wait for the developers to fix it, but if you are not willing to wait anymore, then we have the workarounds for you that you can give a try, and it will most probably work. 

For PC Users

So, suppose you are playing MultiVersus on your PC, where you are unable to complete the MultiVersus KBI tutorial. In that case, the problem can be solved if you hold the down button and give the left button a double tap as soon as you are hit, which will reduce the knockback effect. This will surely work. 

For PlayStation Or Xbox Users

However, if you are using PS or Xbox to play MultiVersus and that’s where you can’t reduce the knockback effect in the game, then hold the down and the left button together, plus hold the PS or Xbox button. 

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This will display the console menu, after which return back to the game, you will see that the issue you were facing would be solved. Don’t believe us, then go ahead and give this a try and see how it works. 

So, these are the only tricks that are currently going to work for the issue of the MultiVersus Knockback Influence tutorial not working. 

Wrap Up

We hope that you will be able to complete the MultiVersus KBI tutorial after going through this article, yet, if you are still facing any trouble doing that, do tell us in the comments. We will also inform you as soon as the bug gets fixed by the developers, so don’t worry and, for the time being, adjust to this minor issue.

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