Why Jamie Choosing His Allegiance May Be The Frasers’ Best Chance At Changing The Future

Outlander: Why Jamie Choosing His Allegiance May Be The Frasers' Best Chance At Changing The Future

Outlander began to take off in the Season 6 premiere last week that set the stage for an array of plots that are brand new due to the arrival to the Christies and the looming Revolutionary War on top of the fallout of the conclusion of Season 5. 

Note: Spoilers in advance of the second episode of Outlander Season 6 named “Allegiance.”

Claire, Brianna, and Roger being able to predict the future has been both a blessing and curse like Young Ian discovered in “Allegiance.” 

However, Jamie made a choice not just based on his best prediction of what might transpire if war is on the horizon and brewing but rather based on his familial loyalty and I’m compelled to believe that this is the best option for his family at influencing the future and remaining in the face of the revolution.

In his new job as an Indian Agent Jamie was able to meet with chiefs of the Cherokee and listened to their demands for more guns. 

However, he did not guarantee to pass their requests on towards the British. Jamie actually decided against the request, much to the dismay of young Ian and it only got worse when Ian received a lesson in history from Brianna on the future of those Native Americans with the establishment of the United States of America. 

Ian determined that he had to make use of his skills in order to offer the Cherokee every chance that he could in light of what might befall them.

Jamie was not aiming for this when he enlightened Ian with reasons for why giving the Cherokee guns could be risky because nobody knew whether the tribe would be with the British during the Revolutionary War and turn any guns on the Frasers and rebels. 

However the moment Jamie was listening to Ian talking to Marsali regarding the son he been able to have in the presence of his Mohawk wife He recognized that Native Americans were Ian’s kin in the same way as the Frasers. 

If Ian’s loyalty was to be to help them in any way he could Jamie’s loyalty would be to his nephew. Jamie wrote to the governor to forward his Cherokee requests for weapons.

There’s no way to tell now whether that decision will cause harm to the Frasers and their kin on Fraser’s Ridge, but it was an important decision about what the future holds that Jamie took without trying to find the best method of action to achieve what’s to come in the past. 

The Frasers have definitely been in a mixed position in their attempts to alter the course of history. Claire and Jamie’s inability stop Culloden despite extensive efforts the best instance. Bree’s expertise in American history was useful too, but not at the time needed for Murtagh to make it through.

To highlight the ways in which they’ve not changed the history of their country, Claire has made the argument that she alters the timeline each when she helps someone who could have died with her medical knowledge of the 20th century. 

Given how the Frasers are often unsuccessful in changing major events when they attempt to – or perhaps even make the big things happen in the same way as the past recorded them, perhaps the best option is to not pay attention to the facts that Claire, Bree, and Roger have learned from their lives prior to time travel.

The battles at Fraser’s Ridge are on a smaller scale than what time travelers have learned from their studies on history in the 20th century and focusing on the minor details may benefit them most over the long term. 

There’s always the fire which is supposed to take the lives of Claire as well as Jamie in the way. Making a change to something less important in the scope of things using carefully planned moves is possible using the knowledge of the future to make decisions regarding the present isn’t always a great idea in the case of the Frasers. 

Maybe following their heart and their intuitions about the history books might be the best option to help them through the conflict.

At present, the fans will have to wait to learn what happens to Jamie after he made the decision to pledge allegiance toward Young Ian. 

“Allegiance” was a dramatic episode for everyone involved, especially in the struggle of Marsali to give birth to her first child who was snubbed from Fergus nearly immediately after the discovery the dwarfism

Marsali is thankfully able to get through it and is now content that her son is in good health however, Fergus is no longer visible.

Find out what’s next with the new seasons in Outlander Season 6 of Outlander on Sundays at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on Starz on the 2022 schedule for TV

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