Best Overall Defensive Linemen in Madden 22 Player Ratings

Overall Defensive Linemen in Madden

Although we might have a new Super Bowl champ, the football season isn’t over when it comes to Madden. Players can improve or decrease throughout the season, and their ratings are constantly updated. But what are the Best Overall Defensive Linemen in Madden.

Madden 22 adds a host of new features to franchise mode, incredible graphics, and the excitement of an NFL match. Building a franchise is the most popular of all the game options. This is your chance to think about how you would build a roster.

It’s easy for people to put too much emphasis on the flashy, powerful offensive players who are able to score big. But, the real winners of games are in the trenches. Opposition offenses will be shaken by the deployment of a solid defensive line that controls the line. These are the top defensive linemen in Madden 22.

Avery Lawrence Feyrer updated Madden 22 on March 11, 2022. We have added additional entries to Madden 22 in order to offer more options for building a gridiron team.

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Best Overall Defensive Linemen in Madden 22 Player

11 Javon Hargrave, Philadelphia Eagles – 85

Javon Hargrave joined the league in 2016 as a Pittsburgh Steeler and spent a brief four-year time with the AFC team. Hargrave had 14.5 sacks in total with the Steelers before signing a lucrative contract with the Philadelphia Eagles for 2020. After a record-setting seven and a quarter sacks, Hargrave was named to his first Pro Bowl in his career last season.

Hargrave is the second-highest-rated defensive tackle (92). Hargrave prefers to use finesse moves (89) rather than power moves (80) when chasing down the quarterback. However, both are acceptable options.

10 D.J. Reader, Cincinnati Bengals – 85

D.J. Reader was a Houston Texans player from 2016 to 2019. He primarily played at the defensive line position. After signing with the Cincinnati Bengals, Reader was promoted to defensive tackle. He suffered a quad injury that ended his season in week five. However, he rebounded well in 2021 and helped the Bengals win their first AFC championship.

The Reader is not a top-rated tackle, so defensive tackles don’t have the fastest speed. It is surprising to see how low Reader’s power (79) and finesse (61) ratings are. However, Reader has a solid rating for block shedding (88). The Reader may not have produced a lot in six years, only eight and a quarter sacks in that time. However, he takes up much space in the trenches.

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9 Quinnen Williams, New York Jets – 86

Quinnen Williams, a 24-year-old defensive tackle, was drafted by the New York Jets as the third overall pick in 2019. Williams’s rookie season was difficult for him as he only managed to collect two and a quarter sacks and started just nine games. Williams, however, started 13 and 15 games in 2020 and 2021, respectively, and collected a total of 13 sacks.

Williams’ incredible acceleration is unmatched among defensive tackles. He uses his speed to smash through the offensive line and use his power moves (84) in order to disrupt the pocket. Williams will pursue (88), even if he misses his man at first.

8 Da’Ron Payne – Washington Commanders –

Da’Ron Payne, the Washington Commanders’ defensive tackle, has held the position for his entire career. Payne played in every game in his rookie season, 2018. Payne started every game in his career, except in 2019, due to a lingering ankle injury.

Payne accelerates at 86 mph once the ball has been lifted. Payne uses his acceleration and strength (95 to push back the offensive line and get to the quarterback. Payne is a better defensive tackle than other ones (92), and he can recognize plays well enough to not be fooled by the offense’s tricks.

7 Kenny Clark, Green Bay Packers- 88

Kenny Clark has missed only eight Green Bay Packers games since being drafted in 2016. A team can rely on any player, but knowing that the defensive line’s anchor will always be available is a big boost. After accumulating six sacks and 62 tackles, Clark was named to his first ever career Pro Bowl. Clark had signed a $70 million extension for the Packers, making him the sixth highest-paid defensive lineman. Clark rebounded from a disappointing 2020 season to make it to his second Pro Bowl in 2021.

Clark is a strong man with 96 lbs. However, he has low ratings for power (82) and finesse (68). Clark is a nose tackle, and his responsibility is to clog up the line-of-scrimmage so that the outside pass rushers can get to the opposing quarterback quicker. Clark’s remarkable injury rate (91) is due to the fact that he has never missed more than three games in a single season.

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6 Fletcher Cox Philadelphia Eagles – (89)

Fletcher Cox was drafted in 2012 and is one of the longest-tenured Eagles players. He’s also one of the most healthy. Cox has only missed five games in his nine-year professional career. Cox has been selected to the Pro Bowl each season since 2015. He also earned First-Team All-Pro honors for 2018, when he accumulated a record-breaking 10.5 sacks. Unfortunately, his streak of Pro Bowl selections ended in 2021.

Cox, who is 31 years old, is nearing the end of his prime but remains one of the most respected defensive tackles in the league. Cox uses his strength (95) to push past the offensive line using a devastating power move 86. Although his block-shedding may seem a little pedestrian at 85, Cox’s sheer power is enough to disrupt the offense.

5 Michael Pierce, Minnesota Vikings – 89

Michael Pierce joined the league as an undrafted free agent in 2016. He signed with the Baltimore Ravens. Pierce was a major factor in the Ravens’ continued success as the Ravens’ nose tackle defense from 2016 to 2019. Pierce decided to withdraw from the 2020 season due to pre-existing conditions and the pandemic. The Minnesota Vikings brought back the nose tackle in 2021, but he only played in eight games. Despite only appearing in eight games, Pierce had a career-high of three sacks.

It is amazing that Pierce was not drafted and is now among the top at his position. Pierce’s incredible strength (96) and his ability to eliminate blockers (91) are difficult to control for opposing offensive linemen. Pierce can force the offensive line to double-team Pierce. That’s when he does his job. Pierce’s play recognition rating of 93 is another impressive rating. A nose tackle must quickly identify if an offensive play is a pass or run for defensive success.

4 DeForest Buckner, Indianapolis Colts 90

DeForest Buckner is a master at staying healthy. The seventh overall pick by the San Francisco 49ers has missed only two games since his 2016 draft. Buckner started his first season on the left side before moving to the right. Buckner was named to his first Pro Bowl in 2018, with 12 sacks, 67 tackles, and the team’s second-highest overall score. The 49ers started rebuilding their roster and traded Buckner to the Indianapolis Colts. Buckner signed a huge four-year contract worth $84 million with his new team. Since then, Buckner has been a star in Indianapolis, winning First-Team All-Pro honors for 2020 and a second Pro Bowl selection for 2021.

Buckner is a unique defensive tackle. He can attack the line of scrimmage using power moves (82) and finesse (91). Buckner is a unique defensive tackle because he can attack the line of scrimmage with power moves (82) or finesse (91).

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3 Chris Jones, Kansas City Chiefs — 91

Chris Jones, a defensive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs, is a key defense component. As a 27-year-old defensive lineman, Jones is one of the most versatile players. He’s seen a lot of snaps across the entire defensive line. Jones started his career on the right side, switched to the left the next year, and then back to the right. He has spent the past two seasons on the left. Jones was selected to the Pro Bowl twice in his last two seasons as a left-side defensive tackle. However, he still managed to record a career-high in sacks of 15.5 in 2018. The Chiefs listed Jones in 2021 as a defensive tackle, with no preference for which side he should be used.

Jones will cause offense problems in one way or another. Jones has extremely high ratings for both power (96) and finesse (88), so it’s basically picking your poison for opposing linemen trying to protect him. Jones’s shedding block rating is 85, which makes it possible to stop him.

2 Jonathan Allen, Washington Commanders – 92

The Washington Commanders have a very intimidating defensive line against opposing offenses. Jonathan Allen is the team’s second-highest-rated defensive tackle and the second-highest overall rating player at this position. Allen had eight sacks at the left end in his second season. However, Allen’s career-high of nine sacks came after he switched to defensive tackle. This led to Allen being selected for his first Pro Bowl.

Allen has the highest tackle rating of all defensive tackles (95), which allows him to take down most ball carriers. Washington tackle is a master at using power moves (91) and finesse moves (76), so the offensive line might need to double-team him. Washington wants that to happen so that the other defensive players can attack the quarterback. A defense cannot afford to have a defensive tackle that requires additional bodies to stop him.

1 Vita Vea, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 93

Vita Vea has the heart of an Olympian. Vea suffered a broken leg in October 2020. Many thought it would end Vea’s season. However, the Buccaneers progressed through the playoffs, and Vea was a major boost for the team’s wins over the Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers. This led to them winning the Super Bowl. Vea’s postseason success continued into 2021 when he was selected to his second Pro Bowl after a record-setting four sacks, 22 solo tackles, and a career-high of 42 tackles.

Vea was drafted in 2018 and is still in the early years of his career. However, he is the most highly-rated defensive tackle in football. Vea is a strong defensive tackle with a strength of 98 and plays recognition of 95. While any defensive player would love to sack the quarterback’s quarterback, Vea’s primary job is to make the offensive linemen focus on Vea while the edge rushers free the quarterback. Vea, now 27, could be the best defensive tackle in Madden.

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