How To Get Pokemon Go Best Buddy CP Boost?

Have you reached the best buddy level with any Pokemon or are planning to do so? But, you might not want to waste your time on something if there is no benefit you get from this other than having the best buddy ribbon on your Pokemon, right? That’s why we think it is important to tell you about the Pokemon Go best Buddy CP boost in case you are not aware so that you can decide if leveling up is worth it or not. 

You must have heard that players choose their buddy Pokemon to walk, play, and battle with them as a result of which their friendship level increases and they finally become best buddies with that Pokemon. Now, the question is, what do we players get for making so much effort in becoming best buddies with a Pokemon? 

Pokemon Go Best Buddy CP boost is given to the players when they become best buddies with a certain Pokemon, and this boost can be used during a battle when needed, usually, this is effective in the battles where your Pokemon requires more power boost. 

There is a lot more left to know regarding the CP boost of Pokemon Go Best Buddy and you will grasp all of it by the end of this article. 

What Is Pokemon Go Best Buddy CP Boost?

In Pokemon Go, once you have reached the Best Buddy friendship level with your buddy Pokemon, you are given a CP boost that you can use during combat where you have sent your Best Buddy. 

This CP Boost is quite helpful because it is comparable to a single level-up of your Pokemon, or you can say, two extra power-ups given to your Pokemon. 

So, if your best buddy Pokemon is at level 46 in the game, it will get the CP equivalent to that of level 47 as soon as the CP boost is given to it during the combat. 

Remember that this CP boost can be given only to that Pokemon which you had as your buddy and with whom you reached the highest friendship level in the game. 

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 How To Get Pokemon Go Best Buddy CP Boost?

If you want to get the CP boost for your buddy in Pokemon Go, you require to reach the Best Buddy level with that particular Pokemon. 

If you want to make a Pokemon your best buddy, you will need to work hard for that unless you receive 300 Affection Hearts for your buddy Pokemon and your buddy Pokemon gets a Best Buddy ribbon as well. This is when you are eligible to use the CP boost for this Pokemon during combat. 

To reach this level of friendship with your Pokemon, there are certain things that you need to do, like, you have to feed your buddy Pokemon regularly, and you need to regularly play and walk with it as well. 

And the most important thing is that you should also use your buddy Pokemon in as many battles as possible which will strengthen the bond between you and your buddy and you will ultimately become the best buddies in the game. 

The best time when you should use the CP Boost for your best buddy in Pokemon Go is when you are also planning to evolve your Pokemon. 

As you know that you need to make your Pokemon reach a certain level in the game before it is ready to evolve, so, you can use your best buddy Pokemon in a battle, use the CP boost and quickly manage to secure your Pokemon after which you can evolve it because it CP would also be reached the level you needed for evolution. 

Wrap Up

We hope that you have completely understood the Pokemon Go Best Buddy CP Boost advantage that you can also get for your favorite Pokemon which will be useful to help you win a battle as well as when you wish to evolve your Buddy Pokemon in the game.

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