Rotten Tomatoes owned by NBCU, is the first to launch streaming channels. Its Roku Channel is currently available. The channel will eventually be expanded to Peacock as well as Comcast’s Xumo.

Peacock is now the host of many of the highest popular shows on Hulu. The agreement with Comcast with Disney in order to provide NBCUniversal content to Hulu was ended.

“The Hulu Agreement was terminated,” Lisa Scalzo, spokesperson for NBCUniversal has confirmed this The Verge.

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The agreement will allow for episodes from NBCUniversal shows like Saturday Night Live and The Voice to air on Peacock instead of Hulu when they air on pay-TV. Hulu will no longer pay for some of the biggest NBC shows. The agreement could grant Hulu the freedom to make original content.

This change could be in effect for the following television season which could happen in October or September. Variety said that the decision to end the show is not it’s the final word on all NBCUniversal programming available on Hulu. Instead, agreements have been struck between the two companies to continue shows such as Law & Order SVU, This Is Us, and Hulu for a period of time.

The Wall Street Journal had previously reported about the imminent switch of programs from Hulu to Peacock.

This deal is a huge victory for the NBCUniversal’s Peacock. Since its beginnings, Peacock relied heavily on its rights to major sporting occasions like the Olympic Games and the Super Bowl LVI to bring new subscribers. But, Peacock hasn’t made the same impact with its initial programming, possibly due to Yellowstone being too far away.

Peacock has the possibility to draw new viewers by adding shows that are highly rated to its lineup of programming and could provide an enormous advantage in the extremely competitive streaming market.

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