5 Top Shows Similar to Pachinko to Catch in 2022

Shows Similar to Pachinko

“Pachinko” is a sweeping drama that follows the struggles of a family in three countries over seven decades of suffering through conflicts, discrimination, racism, and poverty.

“Pachinko” is about how Sunja and her loved ones fight to survive and ultimately flourish despite all odds. If you are a fan of ‘Pachinko Here’s some suggestions. You can stream most of these similar shows “Pachinko” via Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

The most popular shows similar to Pachinko comprise Little America, Kim’s Convenience, Mr. Sunshine, One Day at a Time and Ramy.

Shows like Pachinko You Must Watch

Little America

“Little America” is a collection of anthologies that explore the hilarious and heartfelt, romantic, captivating, and surprising stories of immigrants from America.

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Kim’s Convenience

“Kim’s Convenience” is an Canadian sitcom that focuses on the lives of a Korean family that is an immigrant. It is a sitcom about a family of Korean immigrants. Sang-il Kim Appa and Mrs. Kim Young-mi or Umma were instructors in Korea. After they came to Canada to Canada, they started the convenience store named after them within the Moss Park neighborhood of Toronto.


‘Mr. Sunshine’ is a South Korean drama series centered around the period that led up to the Japanese annexed Korea during the year 1910. It focuses on the activities of the historic Righteous Army and other players in the fight in the fight for Korean independence.

One Day at a time

Based on the name-brand 1995 CBS show, “One day at a Time’ an American sitcom that follows the three generations of Cuban Americans. Similar to Sunja Lydia Margarita del Carmen Inclan Marbona Leyte-Vidal of Riera serves as the mother of her family. She came to the U.S. shortly after Fidel Castro was elected the president of Cuba.

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“Ramy” is a dramedy show that follows the first-generation Egyptian immigrants trying to discover his own spiritual identity. The show examines the many facets and complexities in the Muslim community in a divided community within New Jersey.

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