[Spoiler] How I Met Your Father Finale: Returns Season 2

[Spoiler] How I Met Your Father Finale: Returns Season 2

The Tuesday night’s How I Met Your Father finale proved (and it demonstrated) the importance of timing crucial to success.
If Becky had not discovered the Captain’s affair and then decided to divorce him, she wouldn’t have seized and sunken his most prized vessels — including the one in Australia, which employed marine biologist Ian Sophie’s Tinder date from the first episode. Then, Ian was out of work and returned to New York, just in time to meet Soph in the Naomi Reisberg show.

There’s no doubt that an Ian/Sophie romance would not be on the table had Sophie not destroyed Jesse’s relationship. When Jesse claimed that he could be “all in” with their relationship and he didn’t just keep his word on the “I I love you” that he uttered in the middle of the night (#TedVibes) and he quit a gig tour with his ex-girlfriend Meredith -the reason Sophie claimed it was too much too quickly.

An exchange with the famous reporter Robin Scherbatsky (more on that return here) assisted Sophie to realize that she reacted because of anxiety. When she came back from MacLaren’s house to confront Jesse and confront him, she was way too late. He was already back with Mer.

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Below, creators Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger discuss the major twist that connects Ian with The Captain, explain why Sophie and Jesse aren’t quite ready to be in an affair (yet), and tease the next episode that’s coming up after Charlie and Val’s split, Sid and Hannah’s spur-of-the-moment wedding, and Ellen’s sudden burst of luck while the How I Met Your Mother sequel continues into Season 2.

APTAKER Well, this was always the strategy. As we mentioned that we were lucky due to the contingency plan in case we couldn’t get Kyle MacLachlan back from Australia, which wouldn’t have been as enjoyable or as amazing as we planned to introduce this new wealthy New York philanthropist.

However, the nature of The Captain and he’s a nautical person was always our idea. We’re very happy that it was able to come together.

APTAKER | They have plenty of work to do themselves. When they first met, the two were in extremely difficult situations. And even though it’s 9-10 episodes away, Jesse is still really in a state of shock over the events that happened to Meredith. He’s so agitated at her resurfacing and she’s even written an entire song, or perhaps an entire album, about their relationship, which means Jesse is still in a difficult spot.

In Sophie, we’re also seeing that she’s an individual who’s quite agitated and uncertain of herself in a relationship, which suggests that they’re not ready to make a go of it.

One of the things we discussed about this season’s finale that was discussed in the writer’s room was the idea of self-sabotage, and the idea of being in the way — the idea that you could be seeking, looking for your perfect match and they then present their self to you. and they offer all the things you believed that you needed and you completely get scared.

The idea was one that lots of participants had been through, and we thought it would be fascinating to get to play Sophie and Jesse. This isn’t to claim that Jesse is always her ideal however it was her idea of who it was supposed to be by the close of the season and when she realized that she’d blown it up , it was way too late.

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BERGER | I think that you probably hit the nail on the head. It’s obvious that Sophie as well as Ian have only seen the fantasies of one another They have were able to experience the exciting flirty, light banter version of their phones. However, it’s quite different when someone stands present in real life, and you’re dealing with day-to-day issues and decisions. We’re excited to see what it’s like when two of them get as a couple “IRL,” as the kids call it.

APTAKER not. Most people do not want children until they’re older, but they change their minds. Many people don’t want children and then end up having children. There are a variety of paths that people can take to becoming parents And the fact that at any point in the past, you’ve said you don’t want children isn’t a guarantee that they’re on the table.

Inside the writer room, we have seen many couples in this way in which both parties want to live big and want to stay together. However, neither will make any major sacrifice or an arrangement. The question is how long this can last itself? We believe that the characters are great together, yet simultaneously they’re so deeply rooted in their respective cities and careers. Once a certain amount of time passes do they break up? This is the question we’ll be looking into in Season 2.

There’s always the possibility that a couple making a big decision can keep the relationship going If you’re married or have a child. Sometimes, it’s just throwing everything out and not addressing the issues that will be difficult. At the end of Season 1 they’ve put certain issues under the rug, and are trying to not dwell on these issues. We’ll watch how these get a head start and explode as we progress into Season 2.

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APTAKER She got roughed up throughout the time throughout the year. (Laughs) I mean that we’ve seen her knock out several times, and it felt like Ellen got a deserved cosmic victory. We’re very eager to see her character embark on an unplanned affair for the first time in the aftermath of the divorce, and then make the chance to make it work in a completely new career field in which she’s managing a sweet, small-town lettuce farm to this huge corporate. We’re sure it’s going be an extremely entertaining fish-out-of-water story.

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