The Dropout Episode 6 Ending Explained

Dropout Episode 6

This 6th instalment of “The Dropout‘ signals the beginning of the end for Theranos, as Elizabeth Holmes’ biotech startup is faced with severe challenges. Up until now, the dangers that were faced by Holmes, as well as Sunny Balwani, were mostly external. In episode 6, however, two employees from Theranos can ask the right questions, which set them to uncover the truth about the company’s deceitful practices.

In the meantime, a wise journalist is aware of the scandals at Theranos and starts doing his investigation. If you’re looking to review the episodes’ events and get information about the ending, all you must know about ‘The Dropout episode 6! Be prepared for spoilers!

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The Dropout Episode 6 Recap

The sixth season, which is titled “Iron Sister,” opens in the present with Elizabeth Holmes working with acclaimed director Errol Morris to film an advertisement for Theranos. In the meantime, Richard Fuisz connects with The Wall Street Journal reporter John Carreyrou. Fuisz speaks about the image projected by Theranos in conversation with Carreyrou before advising the reporter that the whole Theranos company is a scam. However, Fuisz doesn’t have proof to support his claims.

At Theranos Lab, Director Mark Roessler guides recruit Erika Cheung through the process of boarding. Roessler makes Cheung sign several non-disclosure agreements. In discussing her duties in the company with Roessler, Cheung meets Holmes for the first time. Then, Cheung is assigned to her counter in the lab and is joined by Tyler Shultz. But, she soon notices the pressure-filled atmosphere at Theranos.

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And, Holmes’ popularity in Silicon Valley and beyond continues to increase. Fuisz and Holmes’s ex-professor, Phyllis Gardner, discuss ways to uncover details concerning Holmes and Theranos as they work on testing blood samples taken from Holmes’ Walgreens equipment, Shultz and Cheung bond. But, Cheung soon realizes the differences in the procedures of Theranos.

Cheung and Shultz are concerned about the consequences of Theranos manipulating the data and selectively cherry-picking the data. The two also learn that Theranos uses an altered Siemens machine to test at Walgreens. However, they will keep their findings a secret for now. Shultz talks to Holmes about the mistakes in the labs and believes that she’s not aware of what’s actually happening.

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In the meantime, Gardner and Fuisz speak with Ian Gibbons’ widow, Rochelle Gibbons, to determine if she is a possible source to uncover Theranos. When they attend Holmes’ birthday celebration, Shultz realizes that Holmes is aware of the ambiguities in the lab’s findings. Shultz and Cheung’s tampering ultimately leads to both being removed from the company.

Shultz and Cheung, discuss the issue with the grandfather of Shultz, George Shultz, a Theranos board member. They do not get any help from him, as he staunchly supports Holmes. Carreyrou continues to look for a reliable source to verify the allegations about Theranos and expose Theranos as a fraudulent company.

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Dropout Episode 6 Ending: Does John Carreyrou Find a Whistleblower?

In the show, Fuisz draws the attention of journalist John Carreyrou to the fraud at Theranos. But even with all his efforts, Fuisz does not gather sufficient evidence to prove the existence of Theranos or Holmes. Carreyrou claims that he can only rely on Gardner as well as Rochelle for secondary information. However, he’ll need an account from someone who has personal experience working for Theranos. To be able to make a credible argument against Theranos’s claims, Carreyrou requires a whistleblower to serve as a source for his expose.

In the finale of the show, the episode’s final moments, it seems that Fuisz and Carreyrou finally come to a conclusion following Roessler unexpectedly deciding to voice his opinion about the shady practices at Theranos. In the episode, it is evident that Roessler is content to keep secrets about Theranos and perform its dirty work.

But, at his final moments, he chooses to speak out because of the negative impact Theranos can affect innocent patients. Therefore, he talks to Fuisz and tells him the facts about the test results and the use of Siemens machines. Fuisz transmits the details to Carreyrou. But, Roessler wants to keep the information anonymous making it difficult for Carreyrou’s editor, who is the source, to approve the leak.

However, Carreyrou receives another ray of hope in the show’s closing moments when Shultz and Cheung reach out to the journalist. It’s clear that nobody at Theranos takes the ex-staffers seriously. However, they are armed with crucial details and firsthand experiences to impart. Thus, they are valuable to Carreyrou’s work.

The episode concludes by pointing out that Holmes has reached the height of her popularity, as she has been featured on pages of magazines like Forbes and Fortune. But, Shultz and Cheung contacting Carreyrou confirm that Holmes and Theranos’ decline is set to begin.

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