Where The Presence of Love Filmed? | Release Date | Cast | Budget | Review

The Presence of Love Filmed Locations

Do you know the exact location of the movie Presence of Love filmed? If not, check out this article. You will know about the Presence of Love filming locations and their ratings, cast, and more.

The movie plot revolves around Professor Joss, who goes back to England to see where her deceased mother was raised, and forms connections with her single father Daniel, whose family currently is the one who runs the farm. The film is produced by Maclain Nelson and written by the well-known novelist Nicole Baxter.

The Presence of Love Filmed Location

“The Presence of Love’ has been shot at Cornwall, England. Joss’s story adventure revolves around this place. This is more of a look at the rich and historic English county.

The film is finished and was shot on location in Cornwall, England. Cornwall, England. The British county of Cornwall is a favoured tourist destination with breathtaking cliff sides that were the film’s subject.

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Filming in Cornwall took place in December 2021. It was stunning weather that saw heavy rains as well as stunning rainbows.

The actors were able to take advantage of the turbulent skies in Cornwall and the food such as pastries and the locals.

Julian Morris commented that whereas he was raised in England, he’d never visited Cornwall regardless of how to go there and was delighted to take it off his bucket list.

The Presence of Love Film Release Date

The film was released on March 13, 2022. Its country of origin is the United States. It is available in the English language.

The Presence of Love Film Budget

The budget for the film is $5,000,000.

The Presence of Love Actors – Top Cast

The leading ten characters in the film.

  • Julian Morris as Daniel
  • Samantha Bond as Merryn
  • Anand Desai – Barochia
  • Amanda Blake
  • Ellie Nunn
  • Eloise Mumford in the role of Joss
  • Sarah Corbridge as Carol
  • Emma Young as Natalie
  • Amy Sharp as Tegan Carter
  • Colin Matthews as The Taxi Driver

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Presence of Love Film Review

The movie was just released. There are no reviews yet—no reviews about Presence of Love today. But, once a review is published, we will post it here.

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