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The actor, Dave Franco of ‘ The Disaster Artist’ fame, makes his directorial debut as a featured actor in the gripping 2020 horror film “The Rental. The film is about a family of four taking a trip on holiday in a remote beach home. Secrets from the past are brought out into the open, and the entire family is in danger of breaking apart. After an unintentional death, they can sense a different presence in the home.

The remoteness of the scene that remains undiscovered — increases the suspense. Likewise, the natural sounds and the atmosphere create a layer of fascination. But you’re likely to be looking at your forehead after the dramatic conclusion. If this is the case, we’ll be glad to help you get to the heart of what happened. 

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The Rental Plot Synopsis

Charlie talks with Mina, his colleague, and the new sister of Josh’s brother Josh on their forthcoming trip. In the meantime, Josh appears on the scene to offer Mina the opportunity to take her home. Charlie’s long-time partner, Michelle, appears to be satisfied for Josh, his life, which appears to be taking a new direction. Josh has been through a difficult teenager, with a stint in jail; however, his life is improving following the arrival of Mina. On the next morning, Josh and Mina appear at the door of Charlie and Charlie, who is dragging Reggie, the dog.

Charlie, Michelle, Josh, Mina, and Josh are on their way to the place to rent, which is where Josh, Mina, and the dog sit in the backseat. Mina can show Charlie her profile on Facebook and asks her if it’s slightly over-the-top. However, Mina is also angry with the owner of the place to rent, who appears to be racist.

When The owner rejected mina’s request to reserve the space, Charlie’s request was accepted within an hour. Taylor is his brother, and the owner’s son is the host at Cliffside Home. Cliffside Home, since the brother is a resident of the town. He relates how the sky is wild in the sky and agrees to bring along a telescope whenever Michelle chooses to discuss the subject.

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As Mina is angry over her reservation rejection, Charlie raises the idea of a hike along the shoreline while engaged in fighting over puns with Josh. On the way, Josh asks Michelle whether she’s uncomfortable with Mina mixing with Charlie and Michelle, but Michelle can appreciate what they are saying as their “creative things.” When Michelle takes off the wrapper of the surprise (MDMA), the party gets out of hand. Michelle gets a rain check as Josh is sluggish after a night of drinking. Mina and Charlie are in the hot tub, but they shift all the fun to the shower.

The next morning, Michelle, as well as Josh, are prepared for their hike. However, Mina and Charlie aren’t feeling well. As they wait, Mina discovers cameras installed within the showerhead. But Josh’s dog is lost, Reggie, while scheming ways to handle the situation. Josh insists on not calling the police, which could expose their relationship.

However, Michelle might already be aware of the situation following the discussion with Josh regarding Charlie’s cheating habit. If Taylor arrives to repair the spa, Mina is a little agitated, which leads to Josh attacking him. Then, they find Taylor dead, and we feel existence in the woodlands.

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The Rental’s Finale: Is Taylor dead or alive? Who was the killer of Taylor?

Taylor, the son of a homeowner, is dead, Charlie confirms after a walk into the bath. As he shows the CCTV cameras, Mtreatseats him with the police. Taylor assures that he did not have anything to deal with the cameras and will inform the police on his own. Despite Charlie’s advice, Mina does not intend to engage in the investigation of the police. When Mina attempts to steal the phone from Taylor, there is a disturbance. As he enters the bathroom, Josh is looking around and assumes it’s Taylor inflicting harm on Mina.

Josh Throws Taylor into the tub and continues to punch Taylor. He continues to punch him. While they’re on the deck, Mina apologizes for the increasing tension. Cleverly, the film introduces a scene of an ungloved hand that chokes Taylor until death. Therefore, while Josh apologizes for his part in the crime, the audience can be certain that Josh didn’t murder Taylor. In a brief moment, one could be suspicious of Charlie when they look at his black pants, which look like the murderer. He is the one with the motive and is skilled enough to carry out the crime. But, at the final analysis, we discover the perpetrator, who isn’t Charlie.

The perpetrator remains in the shadows, and the film does not reveal his real face. The conclusion also reveals it is a serially driven killer when he takes his devices from his home and puts it in a rental facility. The possibility is that the murderer is Taylor’s brother. However, it’s not likely. Perhaps, he is familiar with the location and the rental properties, but murder isn’t his main motive.

With the help of cameras recording lodgers, he can record the scene and may even stream the footage on the internet. But, with the arsenal of weapons available to him -and hammers used to crush skulls, it appears that he is someone who is not able to stop murdering when it is necessary to do so. A sequel could indeed be coming out because we are with the serial killer.

Is Michelle, Charlie, Josh, and Mina Are they dead or alive?

Following the death of Taylor, Charlie, Mina, and Josh attempt to take bodies off of the edge. But, Michelle feels guilty and decides not to participate in the murder. She instead walks out of the home and discovers the video feed from the cellar, showing Mina and Charlie taking part in the nude. Disgusted, Michelle takes the car out, hoping to get out of the area, leaving others in its wake. Charlie is next, but he is unable to keep her out after she admits that she is aware of Mina along with Charlie.

In the meantime, Charlie keeps Michelle’s discovery from being revealed and asks everyone else to search for an escape room. Josh is armed to go straight into the darkroom, complete with the code-locking system located beneath the house. In the meantime, Charlie ventures out after receiving a message from Michelle telling her that she had crashed her vehicle. The culprit slapped spikes along the side of the highway, which eventually led to the crash.

At the point that Charlie arrives at the scene, it may be too to be late. After turning on his phone, Charlie discovers Michelle’s dead body. In the meantime, the murderer emerges from the forest and assaults Charlie. As he is dying, Josh breaks the door-lock with a single kick. When he discovers mysterious photographs inside the house’s basement, they aren’t any monitors.

They make their way back to the house, and the murderer is hidden in the dark. He takes on Josh and makes sure the victim is killed with his skull. Mina tries to escape the attacker, leading to a cat-and-mouse race through a foggy forest. However, she can’t locate her way through the fog, and she falls from the cliff’s edge. The four victims die, and the perpetrator escapes and leaves the police to collect the bodies. While the sea takes Taylor and Mina’s bodies, the remaining three bodies remain scattered throughout the house.

Is Reggie The Dog dead or alive?

If Mina and Charlie are too busy thinking about their mistake of the night before and looking into the mysteries of the hidden cameras, they end up losing the dog. Josh searches to find the animal, but there is no trace of the dog in the home. In the future, when Taylor is about to look around the hot tub, Josh inquires Taylor whether he is the owner of the dog. However, Taylor did not steal the dog, and the house was very strict regarding pets being allowed in the beginning.

But, Taylor also has two dogs at home. Taylor assures Josh that he’s not going to be announcing them for bringing in an animal. He also hopes they can locate the dog. As the night gets out and out of control, we are tempted to do not think about his dog. The finale, however, is when the killer appears to be the dog. When the sun rises, the killer opens his mask and takes a few seconds to gaze over the night sky. The dog is seen stepping out and sitting on the ground in front of the murderer as we get the impression that this dog was the only person on the trip that is unharmed.

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