Get 90Fps in BGMI With this New File | Ultra HD+90FPS also Available

Pubg Mobile and BGMI 90fps Config File

While struggling with a low frame rate, I got killed many times during the push from bronze to conqueror. This resulted in the loss of points and a decrease in my K/D ratio. All this happened because my mobile didn’t support ultra graphics settings in Pubg Mobile.

Nowadays, people have shifted from low-end devices to high-end smartphones. However, there are still many gamers who want to play Battleground Mobile India in high settings but their smartphones don’t support this setting.

To overcome this situation, I’ll be providing a Pubg Mobile graphics hack in this blog post. It is by far the best Pubg hack that will allow everyone to unlock 90fps graphics in their Pubg Mobile as well as BGMI.

Get Smooth+90fps in BGMI – Updated File

I’ve already shared a BGMI extreme graphics unlock file in my previous article. But after the new BGMI update, some people say that’s the old file is not working. 

If you are also facing this issue, then you need not worry as I’ll be sharing a new updated BGMI 90fps graphics setting. Just be with me, read the complete article and you’ll be all set to unlock the ultra HD option.

Before moving directly to the download link, let’s discuss some important Q&A.

Does Pubg Mobile/BGMI Support 90fps?

The answer can be both yes and no. Because there are some devices that are compatible with 90fps while some don’t support it. So, it only depends upon the model of your smartphone.

What Devices Support 90fps in BGMI and Pubg Mobile?

The very first 90fps update in Pubg has rolled out for the OnePlus 7t. After that, 90fps was available for other devices including Realme X2 Pro, Rog2, Rog3, Rog5, etc. Apart from it, there are also many high-end devices that still don’t support this setting, for example, the latest flagship, the OnePlus 9R.

Will My ID Get Ban If I Use this Config File to Unlock 90Fps in BGMI?

As my smartphone doesn’t support Ultra HD Pubg Mobile graphics, I’ve been using these config files for over 5-6 months. Till now, I’ve not seen any kind of Ban or notice from Pubg Corporation. Not only me, but there are also millions of people who use BGMI 90fps config files.

How to Download and Use a 90FPS Config File for BGMI?

You will get a file download link below. Just click the download button and wait for the download. After successfully downloading the config file, carefully go through the steps mentioned. Note that you must delete the previous config file(in case you have downloaded it before).

  • Install the official ZArchiver App from the Google Play Store.
  • Open the ZArchiver and locate the downloaded Config File.
  • Extract the File and it will ask for a password. The password is – Akshay. Enter the password and you will get your file.
  • Now, copy or cut that file and go to Android> Data> com.pubg.imobile> files> UE4Game> ShadowTrackerExtra> ShadowTrackerExtra> Saved> Paks and paste there.

Just do these steps carefully and enjoy playing BGMI in extreme fps.

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