What Do Pigs Eat In Minecraft

What Do Pigs Eat In Minecraft?

The graphics and various things in Minecraft make this game amazing and people love to play this. Everything this game offers makes it more interesting. There are many creatures in Minecraft such as horses, cows, pigs, and many more. These are basically the mobs that make this game a bit more interesting. Pigs are the common mobs in Minecraft and you should definitely know what pigs eat in Minecraft. 

Pigs are very cheerful and their friendly nature makes them wonderful pets. They are a good-natured mob and they are useful in many ways as they provide food, they also help in means of transportation for any player. 

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But you need to feed them too in order to get the advantages of pigs. They do not teach much but there are specific items they require.

Talking about the items that pigs eat in Minecraft are beetroots, potatoes, and carrots. They love to eat these items and this food helps them to breed and also to domesticate them. Food helps the pigs to heal and it also helps in speeding up the recovery and also the growth process for baby pigs.

Pigs are the oldest massive mobs in Minecraft. They help in making the adventure of the player easy and here we are about their meals and how can you feed themselves in Minecraft. So read further and start with the process.

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What Do Pigs Eat In Minecraft?

Pigs in Minecraft are easily convinced by food to become the companion of the player. Players in Minecraft can easily feed pigs. All the three items like carrot, beetroot, and potatoes are the favorite items that pigs love to eat. They are fed in order to breed, in order to get tamed and they are fed so that they can heal. 

While talking about the advantages that pigs provide in Minecraft. They are helpful in carrying items, pigs can be used for farming and they can also become the ride for the players. They are just like horses in Minecraft but there is only one difference and that is they have lower capacity and they have lower maintenance. 

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You can find pigs all over the world of Minecraft where you want to except the biomes like wooded badlands plateaus and snowy tundra. They can be found mostly spawn and they can be found mostly in groups of 4 or also more. And ninety-five percent of the spawned pigs are adults and only five percent of the pigs are baby pigs.

While in Java Edition pigs spawn in places if the level of the game is nine or more. They live in highly biomes and they are easily approachable due to their friendly nature.

Talking about the bedrock edition their pigs can be seen in the group of one or three. They can be found above grass blocks at a light level of seven or more. Pigs can be found grazing and roaming all over the grassy world except for the wooded plateaus and snowy tundras. 

In order to tame the pig if the player wants to then the player needs to search for them in the grassy places in Minecraft. They can be fed with any of the food items and they will enjoy eating them in order to tame them. If the player will show them carrot, beetroot, or potatoes from a distance of six blocks they will start following the player. 

Once the player will tame them then the player can easily breed them in order to make one entire farm. They will take care of your food and they do that in a way by providing meat for the meal.

Reasons To Feed Pigs In Minecraft

There are many reasons to feed pigs in Minecraft as they are useful for various purposes. 

The first reason that can be explained is to feed them for taming purposes. Once the player will show any of the food items to the pig they will start following the player and they will not leave the player behind. The player just needs to show any item at a distance of six blocks. 

Another reason to feed pigs is to help them to breed. You need two pigs to inorder to make them breed. They can be easily bred just like they can be easily tamed. Here you just need to do one thing and that is you need to feed them carrots and then they will enter into their love mode. They will only take five minutes in order to make a small pig.

The third reason to feed pigs is for gaining experinece points. Once you will feed any pig then he will drop some experience points. Talkin about the points they will drop so an adult pig will drop one to three experience orbs and they will also drop porkchop when they get killed. Then the player can use this for cooking a delicious meal for himself. When you will add any enchantment to your weapon then it will help you to increase the number of the dropped raw pork chops to six. Another thing that you need to know here is if you will kill an adult pig he will drop cooked pork chop. 

The fourth reason to feed pigs is to ride them. Pigs are the only animals in Minecraft along with horses that can be equipped with the saddle. You need to show them a carrot if you want to control their movement and it will run the pig faster. You can make him follow a carrot and then he will come to its full speed of 5.2 blocks per second. There is also a loss in durability in feeding the pig by the carrot that can be supplemented. 

The last reason to feed pigs is to make their growth faster. Talking about the normal growth of the pig it is twenty minutes for a baby pig. But it can be reduced if you will feed the pig with carrot, potato, or beetroot. By feeding this you can increase their growth to 10%.

So there are many reasons why you should feed pigs in Minecraft. This will make a stronger bond between you and the animal. It also helps in building trust between the two. So go and feed them easily with the tricks we told you.

This was all about what do pigs eat in Minecraft. We answered your question and along with that we also told you about why you should feed them in Minecraft. Still, if you have any doubt then you can ask us in the comment section.

Have a good time playing Minecraft.

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