What Does Fortune Do On An Axe

What Does Fortune Do On An Axe?

Minecraft is created with so many different features that players who start to play this game just love everything about this. It has so vast inventory. People playing this game came across so many different things and those are very useful tools and resources. These resources and tools will help them yo build structures. Similarly among all the other tools, there is an axe that is very common in tools in Minecraft. Let’s see here what does fortune does on an axe.

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Do you know What Does Fortune Do On An Axe? If not then worry not we will tell you everything about an axe. It is used to split wood faster as compared to that of other tools. There are different enchantments that are applied to tools just like fortune applied to axes. When fortune is applied to them they make them more beneficial. 

It will help you to help with many items as it will help you to collect seeds and saplings. Fortune will also help you to increase the total drops when the player is farming. It also increases the chances of an apple dropping and it will help you to get more melons from a watermelon. Although it doesn’t have much use on the axe. It will not give you more wood.

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It will help you to increase the drop from mining the other items. There are different levels of fortune and higher the level of fortune higher will be drop rates. So let’s see here what does fortune does on an axe. We are going to discuss everything so keep reading and know everything about fortune in Minecraft.

What Does Fortune Do On An Axe

Although if you are thinking that you will get a lot of benefits from the fortune on an axe then you are probably wrong in that. It will not provide too many benefits as compared to the other enchantments. It will only help in the drop rates of certain items. Those items include melons and apples. Their drop rate will increase significantly. You will receive a lot of items but it will depend on your fortune level. If the level of the fortune on axe is higher then the likelihood will also be higher.

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It will not help in maximizing the yield of the items. It will purely depend on the chance. As it’s a game of ceratin chances. We can give an example for that and that is there will be a maximum drop of melons in nine slices with fortune III but the chance to get all the nine slices from the melon is only 2%.

The other thing that you should know about this is this will not give you more wood. The fortune enchantment will only help in collecting more saplings and along with that, you can also collect a variety of seeds and also many other drops.

Talking about more of axe you should know that the best enchantment for an axe is silk enchantment. You need to use the silk enchantment in building the stuff in the survival mode in Minecraft. It will help you to mine the blocks that too without changing them to another shape. 

You can use the silk touch on an axe in harvesting mushroom blocks and you can use them in harvesting bookshelves. But it is clear that this will not work with the fortune on an axe. When you will use the silk touch enchantment on axes then after some time you will realisze that you ae wasting many types of precious resources. 

From this it is clear that you can use the silk touch enechantmenet on axe in harvesting the blocka without any change with the fortune and this axe is usually used on wood. You need to be strategic while using this and need to think carefully about what enchantment you should use on your axe. There is no point of using silk enchantment on axe in Minecraft as you will get nothing in return. You need to think carefully about this that what you should you use and what you need to avoid. Wasting enchantments will not help you anywhere.

Fortune Effects On Mobs

What do you think does fortune on an axe will work on mobs or not? Well if you will use it then you will get a clear answer to this. If you are not aware of the answer then let me tell you a fortune does not affect mobs. It will only have an effect on the blocks. So from this, it is clear that fortune on axe will not work on mobs. 

But if you are using some other enchantments on your axe then it will definitely have an effect on the mob. The other enchantments like unbreaking, efficiency, mending, etc will have an effect on mobs when you will use them on an axe but a fortune on axe will not have any effect.

Talking now about the shovel will help you to break down gravel blocks. This fortune will also increase your chance of getting more flint from the gravel. As we told as a higher level of fortune then there will be a higher level of flint. There will be a chance of getting a flint with fortune III. but if you are mining clay from the clay blocks with the help of a shovel enchanted with fortune then it will not help you to increase the number of clay drops.

Uses Of Fortune On An Axe

There are many uses of using fortune on an axe. It will help you to increase the oods of getting more saplings and sticks. You can use this on all kinds of vines and then it will increase the odds of getting a higher drop rate. There will be a hundred percent chance of receiving a drop when you will use the fortune on an axe but there should be the highest level of fortune like fortune III.

If you will use this fortune on the axe on grass and also on ferns then it will increase the number of drop items that too without increasing the chances of drop and it is also very useful in harvesting crops. You can also get efficient more glowstone dust with the help of using fortune on an axe.

You will get more saplings and apples and much more melon slices while using this. There will be an increase in the drop by one, two, three or for specified limits and it will depend upon the level of fortune on the axe when you will use these on potatoes, carrots, sweet beriiies and wheat seeds.

So now we have told you everything about fortune enchantment. Now you can decide whether you want to use it on your axe or not. But as we told you it is not that effective on the items so you can change it. This was all from our side about what does fortune do on an axe in Minecraft. If you have any other doubt then you can ask us in the comment section.

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