What is La Calaca Alegre about Summary?

My Spanish IV class just started the excellent novel La Calaca Alegre, by Carrie Toth. We had a Mexican guest speaker to start the class. A fun activity was also done about identity, a central theme in the novel. The TPRS Teachers Guide was the inspiration for the movement that I used to accompany the book. These guides are worth every penny and make it so easy to teach a novel, even for complete novices like myself.

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We had state testing last week, so I was able to proctor and prepare for my Spanish IV. They are usually my fifth morning class without a break (after 2 Spanish II and 2 Spanish I), so some activities tend to be mixed up for this class. This was my first class of the day, and it was great to have a chance for a fresh start. To discuss my identity, I decided to start with a photo of me. However, I found embarrassing pictures of myself from high school and decided to include them. I didn’t do anything fancy, but I just put them all together in Keynotes with some keywords I used in high school to describe me.

The slide was posted as students entered class. You should have seen them crowding around my board looking for me in the group photos and laughing at my hairstyle and choice of clothes for Freshman Homecoming. I spent some time in target language explaining my identity as high school student. The slide below was then used to describe my identity. It was amazing to be able compare and contrast what I perceived of myself back then and how I see it now.

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Then it was time to talk about their identity. The slide below asked them to create a drop or document that contained pictures and words that they thought would best describe their identity as high school seniors. Although many tech tools could be used, the lesson focused on communicating about themselves, not creating. Students had a lot of fun choosing their favourite photos and putting them together.

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