What is Article 72 in Halo?

What is the UNSC? What is Article 72 in Halo?

Based on the well-known video game series of the identical name “Halo” transports viewers to a thrilling and thrilling new universe that is filled with danger and high stakes dangers. It is a science fiction drama created for TV from Kyle Killen and Steven Kane is set in the 26th century . The show is focused on the various aspects of the Human-Covenant war.

In the story the human race has colonized a number of planets of the Outer World. What is the UNSC? These colonies fall subject to the control under the UNSC. Thus, viewers should be eager to know more about the military organisation and its objectives. In the show’s premiere in the series, the UNSC uses Article 72 in a demonstration of its political goals. So, viewers will be seeking answers to questions about Article 72 and what it means. Below are all the answers to your queries regarding the UNSC and Article 72! Warning!

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There are Halo spoilers ahead!

What is the UNSC?

What is the UNSC

The premiere episode of the series “Halo” opens in the world of Madrigal that has been colonized by human beings. But, Madrigal is fighting a struggle for its independence from the UNSC. In the film that follows, the UNSC refers to the United Nations Space Command. It is an military-based organization which is part of the supervision of the United Earth Government (UEG).

According to the legends associated with those video games UNSC has been established in around the year 2220, and was an governing body for earth. It is among the strongest factions of the fictional universe of ‘Halo‘ and has played a role in many conflicts like the War of the Planets and the Insurrection throughout its lengthy history.

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Apart from the military as well as exploring space actions, the organisation also concentrates on research and development. In addition to the adaptations to television the UNSC is the one responsible for the Spartan-II programme led by Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey that produces super-soldiers with high efficiency with advanced capabilities. The Headquarters for the UNSC is situated within Planet Reach. In the first episode of the series members of the United Nations’ Silver Team, led by Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 combats aliens from the Covenant and thus marks the beginning of the Human-Covenant war.

What is Article 72?

In the premiere episode of the series that premiered, in the series premiere episode, Silver Team of Spartans led by Master Chief fights an alien invasion on Planet Madrigal. During the battle, the majority of the inhabitants on the Madrigal outpost is killed , except for one teenage girl known as Kwan Ha. Kwan is detained by the Master Chief and then he takes her into Planet Reach on his ship. In the process, UNSC Officer Miranda Keyes communicates with Kwan via an virtual hologram.

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During the discussion, Keyes asks Kwan, the only survivor of an exercise by the UNSC in public, to affirm the actions of the organization. But, Kwan is skeptical of doing so because she is not a believer in the UNSC. In addition, she wants absolute independence for her planet, in exchange for speaking in UNSC’s favor.

The UNSC doesn’t abide by Kwan’s requests and refers to Article 72. Although the precise nature of the law isn’t known, it permits the UNSC to apply Kwan to further the interests of the organization’s political agenda. Yet, Keyes condemns the action. At the end Master Chief helps Kwan and the two escape of the UNSC.

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