So, What’s Anna Delvey Doing Now? Revealed

Anna Delvey Doing Now

Netflix’s Netflix’s creating Anna is an upcoming fake show for everyone who is a fan of glamour, glitz, and a sense of schadenfreude toward the wealthy. A Shonda-created show is built upon the tale about Anna Delvey, nee Sorokin, known as the “Soho grifter” whose petty crimes were written in the viral story. Perhaps she had So A Lot of Money; She lost track of it.

2013 between 2013 and 2017, the fake heiress swindled her throughout New York society before getting convicted of swindling restaurants, hotels, banks, and an operator of private jets for more than $200,000. The show follows Sorokin until her guilty verdict and those who have watched the show might be wondering what’s going on today. We’ve got all that we’ve learned about the happenings in the life of Anna Delvey since her conviction.

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Anna Delvey Doing Now | Did Anna have to be in prison?

In actual life, as in the show, Sorokin was found guilty following a trial that brought media attention due to her fashion choices and demands that sometimes delayed the trial. In the words of the Guardian, the actress was “admonished for throwing temper tantrums when she was unable to get her stylist-designed clothes, and also for drawing ugly sketches of the main prosecutor in her testimony.”

Sorokin was sentenced to 12 years of prison time on attempted grand larceny, three charges of grand larceny, and four counts of theft. She spent her time at Albion Correctional Facility until she was released on parole in February 2021. She was allowed to leave early for good conduct.

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What did happen to Anna when she was released?

Following being released from prison, the fake socialite had several weeks of liberation. She returned to social media as the @theannadelvey account on Instagram and Twitter. Photos from her time were taken of her out and about in NYC.

After her release in June, the actress was put in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) because she had overstayed her visa. According to her insider article published in advance of the premiere of Inventing Anna, she claimed that the overstay of her visa was “unintentional and mostly out of the control of me.” She’s appealed deportation but was still in detention when a judge declared her “a constant threat to the community,” partially due to her interviews with the press and her social media.

She’s in the Orange County Correctional Facility in Goshen, N.Y., in which she’s scheduled to stay until ICE decides if she will be transferred to Germany. In March, Sorokin filed a lawsuit against ICE along with other detainees as part of an ACLU lawsuit, claiming she contracted COVID-19 at the beginning of Jan. 2022. The authorities denied her request to get an injection to boost her immunity. When speaking to The Times, she declared: “Having been to prison and going involved in criminal proceedings, it’s opened me up to a completely different type of person. My issues previously seemed absurd.”

What did Anna been saying about her crimes?

Sorokin is portrayed in the news media (and the TV show) as being largely unapologetic about her actions, even though she did say to the judge at her sentencing hearing that “I am sorry for any errors I’ve made.” in the course of an interview which was broadcast the next day the sentence was handed down Sorokin confessed, “The thing is, I’m not sorry. I’d be lying to myself as well as to everybody else and myself if I claimed I was sorry about something. I am sorry for the way I handled certain issues.”

In an interview with the New York Times interview, she confessed to regrets for her actions and said that she was frightened and still processing the incident when she made her initial statement.

“I regret how my story is being viewed. I am sorry that I took these actions, which people believe I’m exaggerating right now,” she said. “I am sorry for my choices. Certainly, I don’t think the world could be a better place when people tried to be like me.”

She also has recently declared her feelings that she’s not able to continue her life and overcome her actions. Concerning the time she spent in ICE arrest, she wrote to Cosmopolitan, “I was allowed to get my life back on track; however, they took everything away from me. I find myself being tested for the same thing, over and over and over.”

What does Anna think about the show?

Sorokin has appeared in more interviews since her Inventing Anna began airing. According to the NYT, she has given her life rights to the creators of the show for $320,000 and was a consultant on the show. When she spoke to Cosmopolitan, she spoke about the show that “This is going to overrule reality. It’s strange to see your life being controlled by someone else,” adding, “It’s a great exercise to let go.”

She also mentioned that many of her associates and friends were about the series. “It’s as if you have a bunch of people around you sharing what they think about you all at once. It turns out that often we aren’t interested in knowing what other people think about us.”

In terms of what she thought of the portrayal of her, she recalled thinking, “Am I that insufferable?” after watching the trailer. If she was, she stated, “I don’t feel like I’ll ever have one to myself.”

Have you or Anna ever met anyone from the actors?

While she was in detention during the creation of Anna‘s production, she did have an opportunity to chat with the woman who played her. In an appearance on Julia Fox and Niki Takesh’s Forbidden Fruits podcast, the fraudster spoke about her encounter with Julia Garner in prison. “She was extremely nice,” Sorokin said, according to People. “She visited me to meet me…and she’s an adorable girl.”

Garner even showed off she could demonstrate her Anna accent to a real-life fraudster. “It’s quite bizarre in the sense that you perceive yourself as if you’re speaking — is completely different from what you hear when you watch yourself on the television,” Sorokin said.

When Fox assessed Garner’s accent as a “6 /10,” making note that Sorokin’s accent is less pronounced and subtle, the grifter stood by the actress’ performance. “She did me as a character back in like, 2015, 2016, and 2017. And I’ve been spending the last four years in the United States. I was in a crowded area with Americans, so perhaps my accent could have been different,” she said. “I barely can speak German nowadays. The only language I do is English. In the past, I could use French, German, English every day.”

What is Anna currently working on?

Although she’s currently in jail and prison, the notorious fraudster is still telling her story. According to the Deadline, Sorokin has joined forces together with the Surviving R. Kelly producer Bunim/Murray Productions on a limited docuseries set to “explore what’s next of their lives.” The show will begin at the point the Inventing Anna concludes, follow her ever-changing schedule from day to day, and provide insight into her thinking process.

“Anna’s story is alive and is still unfolding in the present. We’ve been working with her for several months and have spent many hours on video and phone chats with her. She’s a complex and intriguing character, and we’re looking forward to the next chapter in her story that is constantly evolving,” said Mike Driscoll, Director of Development for Bunim/Murray Productions.

In her interview in The New York Times, Anna hinted that she’s currently working on a project with Julia Fox. “We met on Instagram as I was out and we DM’d briefly, and after that, she joined my Clubhouse…We share a similar perception of humor. She wasn’t judgmental, and we’ve kept in touch from the beginning.” She said her as well as Fox had been “working on something together.”

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