Where Murder in Provence Filmed? Main Location | Cast Reaction

Where is the Murder In Provence Filmed, Murder in Provence Filmed Location | Trailer | Release Date | Cast

Don’t know where Murder In Provence Filmed? Below you’ll find all the information about Murder in Provence filming locations, release date, a brief intro, trailer, and more. So, read till the end to know everything related to it.

Murder in Provence (2022-Present) is among the newest TV shows that follow an investigatory judge, Antoine Verlaque, to solve crimes. Verlaque is assisted by his assistant Helene, who follows him around the city to solve the cases. In addition, he is in a relationship with a lady called Marine Bonnet and explores the area where they reside. Is the place the same in all the films?

Murder in Provence Film Complete Details

MovieMurder in Provence
Filmed atAix-en-Provence, Bouches-du-Rhône, France
Release DateJune 15, 2019(France)
Run Time1h 30m

Murder in Provence is recorded at France and England. Since the producers have created fake locations in England, You may think the entire movie was shot in France. When you fall in love with the setting, find out more about the locations!

The location of the film changes with each scene. What’s the reason for it?

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Murder in Provence Filmed Location | Trailer | Release Date | Cast

Murder in Provence Filming Locations

Murder in Provence Filmed

Filming Locations: Aix-en-Provence, Bouches-du-Rhône, France

You’ll be shocked to learn that the entire film was shot in two countries: France and England. Surprisingly, the film’s crew revealed that they began shooting in England.

In the final scenes, they traveled to France for nearly three weeks. They also managed to create fake scenes in England and make them look like they were filming in another location (France).

It took nine weeks to complete the filming in England and locate similar locations to France. Additionally, the crew had already discovered crime stations and homes in France, making it easier for other film crews to finish filming in a shorter time.

Because the filmmakers could not afford a lot of travel to certain areas of England were faked using animation and visual effects.

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Murder In Provence Official Trailer

The trailer for the show came out a month before the launch and provided viewers with an insight into the main storyline of the show. Additionally, it showed some beautiful locations in the countryside (Provence) and the love story of Antoine and Marine. The viewers were thrilled with the trailer and were ready to greet the show.

The show has earned 8.1 IMDb ratings, and only one episode has been made available to the public until this point, excluding the trailer. Although the show is still beginning and has only one episode, the fans are raving about the premiere. We hope that the second episode will be released shortly, and that means there’s plenty to reveal in the show!

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Murder In Provence Cast | Who portrayed the lead characters?

Antoine is an investigatory Judge played by Roger Allam, famous for films like Endeavour. In addition, the character of Antoine’s girlfriend is performed by Nancy Caroll, who got notoriety following the film The Crown.

Keala Settle is the voice of Antoine’s friend and Assistant, Helena. Surprisingly, these three are the main characters; however, you are likely to see other names like Cara Horgan, Sara Powell, Scot Chambers, and numerous others. Overall the film offers stunning landscape scenes that will leave you unable to remember the characters.

Behind the Scenes of “Murder in Provence”

Murder in Provence Filmed

Fans of mystery will want to visit BritBox, a streaming service from the BBC and ITV streaming services, to watch the series Murder In Provence, a three-part television series adaptation of the bestselling “Verlaque and Bonnet” novels written by M.L. Longworth. “Shelagh Stephenson was concerned that some particular characteristics of the characters were French but not British even though the characters were British actors in the role,” actress Nancy Carroll spoke about the adaptation at the public press event.

“There were certain elements and idiosyncrasies she included in the script that needed to be distinct from the region of the globe, and definitely that there’s a crime in a chateau and a murder takes place in the vineyard, so that the experience, as well as the environment surrounding each crime, will help in the solution of that crime, which I would suggest.”

Nancy Carroll plays Marine Bonnet. “I am an instructor in criminal psychology, and my fascination with the case is more of a ‘nosy Parker,” she said. “I don’t know if I use that phrase within America; however, it’s of interest in the specifics of these cases. It’s something we’re discussing during our private time. In the pilot episode, the police, in whatever form, have been trying to lure me into their team on an advisory basis. After the first episode, I had joined the team informally, to the disapproval of my mother.”

The actor playing Antoine Verlaque is Roger Allam, who is no stranger to a sleuth popularly known as Wednesday in Endeavor. However, Verlaque plays a distinct type of character than Roger Allam has played before. “They have the judicial system, where there is a judge who is the one who gathers all the evidence to present the case before the court,” Roger Allam explained about the way things are conducted in Provence. “He is in charge of that along with the police force, but it’s a critical and senior position that is not linked to the American system in my opinion or that of the British method.”

Keala Settle is joining the panel in the role of deputy commissioner Helene Paulik, who is most famous for her character Lettie the Lutz character as Lettie in the film The Greatest Showman, singer of the smash hit “This is me.” “We performed off-camera a lot since everyone on the call sing proficiently,” she revealed; however, the movie Murder In Provence isn’t musical. Keala is comfortable singing and will do it to soothe her nerves even when the cameras aren’t in motion, and it also helps her connect and bond with Roger Allam.

“All suddenly Roger Allam began singing and humming as we chatted about our work and then we had the opportunity to do some rehearsal time before filming, and that’s when we started talking over the idea that he’d been in the very initial show, called Les Mis as a child, and was the reason there’s a confrontation song in the original show. Then I talked to him about the time I had the opportunity to sing in this revival on Broadway, and we began exchanging notes. It was wonderful.”


I’m sure you’ll be able to identify where the Murder in Provence was filmed with Roger Allam. While there are only two countries where the film was shot, the creators have made the viewers feel as though the film was shot worldwide. When you are aware that the place is where it was shot, you can look forward to the upcoming episodes of the show in peace.

‘Murder in Provence’ Release Date

Murder in Provence released on Tuesday, March 1, 2022.  There will be three 90 minute episodes. Where to Watch? It will be streamed only on BritBox.

Will There Be Murder in Provence 2?

As of now, there’s no official announcement for another series. However, you should subscribe to our blog to stay updated with the Murder in Provence sequel.

Is Murder in Provence Worth Watching?

Definitely Yes! People are loving the series and are demanding for season 2 by putting hashtags on twitter.

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