Where Was Forever Out of My League Filmed? Is it a True Story?

Forever Out of My League

Written and produced by Claudio Norza, ‘Forever Out of My League’ (‘Sempre Piu Bello’) is an Italian romantic comedy film released on Netflix. The sequel to ‘ Out of My League is ‘Forever Out of My League.’ It follows Marta following her successful lung transplant to treat the cystic fibrosis she suffers from. When the couple, along with their boyfriend Gabriele, is looking forward to being together for the first time, they encounter many obstacles in finding an appropriate place to live.

Furthermore, when a health issue sends Marta to go back to her hospital bed, Gabriele tries to help her reunite with her long-lost grandmother. The gorgeous setting of ‘Forever out of My League’ provides an artistic appeal to the film that provides the perfect conclusion to Marta’s story. If you’re interested to learn more about this entertaining film, there’s a friend in us. Let’s discuss it together!

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Forever Out of My League Filming Locations

“Forever Out of My League” was shot in Italy and France, particularly in Turin’s cities in Turin and Paris. The filming began on April 9, 2021, and most likely finished on June 19, 2021. The film was shot concurrently with the film’s predecessor ‘ Still Out of My League.’ Here are more details about the filming locations.

Turin, Italy

“Forever Out Of My League’ was taped in different areas of Turin, the capital city in Piedmont located in Northern Italy. In the film, the cast, together with the team, shot scenes in Turin’s Sandro Pertini Airport and the area of Leumann Village in Collegno. The production also took place at The Turin Palace Hotel, Accademia Albertina di Bella Arti, Unione Industriale, and at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Turin. The hospital scenes in which Marta is admitted were shot in the Lumiq Studios in Corso Lombardia.

Additionally, pivotal parts were filmed on The Royal Gardens, the Rock Garden in Valentino Park, Largo IV Marzo, Carignano Square, the Coop superstore in Via Boticelli, and a farmhouse located in Stupinigi. In the northwest, surrounded by the majestic Alps, Turin is known for its stunning architecture and old-fashioned cafes. Turin is a beautiful city dotted with baroque-style architecture and expansive boulevards and squares. The film ‘ The King’s Man and the television show ‘An Astrological Handbook for Broken Hearts’ were also shot there.

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Paris, France

Certain scenes from “Forever Out Of My League ” are believed the film was shot in Paris, the capital of France. The city’s population is an international center of fashion, food, art, culture, science, and finance. It has many famous iconic landmarks such as the Louvre Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Cathedral of Notre Dame, Grand Palais, and Arc de Triomphe. Through the years, Paris has hosted the filming of many films, including “Red Notice,” ‘Midnight in Paris,’ ‘Army Of Thieves’ and ‘Amelie, in addition to television shows like “Killing Eve” and “Emily In Paris.’

Is Forever Out of My League a True Story?

“Forever Out of My League’ isn’t an adaptation of a real story. While the first two films in the trilogy have been adaptations of the novel by Eleonora Gagaggero, the script for this film is composed by Roberto Proia and Michela Straniero. The film touches on various real issues, including the death of a loved one and complex family relationships, and the emotions of love at first sight and relationships.

Marta has been diagnosed with a genetic condition known as Mucoviscidosis, also called Cystic Fibrosis. It is a major impact on her daily life and social skills. However, she never loses hope regardless of the challenges.

This can be seen in the inspirational tales of many real-life cystic-fibrosis patients who have made an immense impression with their work and discovered true love, like Marta. For example, Mary Frey is a well-known YouTube Vlogger who chronicles her experiences with cystic fibrosis through her videos and with her partner Peter. They were childhood sweethearts who became friends through their church, and their stories of love and life experiences don’t just inspire but also help others with similar issues.

Therefore, even though “Forever In My League” isn’t inspired by any real-life event, it accurately portrays the challenges and joys of early adulthood and the transition to life after recovering from a condition. Thus, virtually every person watching the movie will be able to identify with the characters, even if they’ve had no experience with chronic illnesses. The story is further believable through the subtle performances of all the cast members.

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