Four Brothers

Where was Four Brothers Filmed?

Written and produced by John Singleton, ‘Four Brothers’ is an action crime-thriller film that is based on the lives of four brothers who have been adopted who are Bobby Mercer, Angel Mercer, Jeremiah Mercer, and Jack Mercer – and their adoptive mother, Evelyn Mercer. Following the death of Evelyn is killed in a robbery at a supermarket, the four brothers band together to investigate the cause of the crime since they suspect the murder was not an isolated murder.

After further investigation, they uncover the shady activities associated with one brothers’ dealings with a criminal. While they search for an answer, they’re followed by two police officers who might not be who they appear to be.

A film is a dazzling group of actors, including Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, Andre 3000, Garrett Hedlund, and Fionnula Flanagan. “Four Brothers” keeps audiences interested not just because of its thrilling story but also the backgrounds of the ghetto and the hoods. If you are looking for the places used as filming locations for a crime drama film, let us help you.

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Four Brothers Filming Locations

“Four Brothers” was filming on location in Canada as well as the USA, with a particular focus on areas like the Greater Toronto Area, Michigan, and Missouri. The principal shooting for the film with Mark Wahlberg started on the 10th of July, 2004, and was completed on the 12th of August, 2004. The varying landscape of The Greater Toronto Area played a major role in the creation of the film, which is set on the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan. Here is all the information regarding the locations of filming!

Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, Ontario

The majority of filming for the movie “Four Brothers” was done within Toronto and Hamilton in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). The crew and cast spent much all of the time within Hamilton and Toronto to shoot the majority of the film. We’ll start by talking about the locations that provide an atmosphere in Hamilton. Hamilton. G & S Laundromat, located at 443 Wentworth Street North, doubles as a convenience store in which Evelyn is killed. To film the scenes involving the house where four brothers reside and the other brothers, the crew traveled up to Keith Street in Hamilton. The property they used as their home was reportedly burned in the days following the shooting.

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Toronto is another location in which the majority of the film ‘Four Brothers film was shot. Design Exchange – located at 234 Bay Street – doubles up as an office in which the two brothers can meet along with the lawyer. In contrast, the scene in which the lawyer is confronted at his residence is filmed on Forest Hill. The production team visited Grossman’s Tavern, a popular bar situated at 377 Spadina Avenue to film certain scenes in bars. Near the bar is Horseshoe Tavern, located at the number 370 Queen Street West, which is a location for filming the pool scenes.

The scene in which the four brothers are seen during a basketball match was filmed at Bathurst Heights Secondary School in the city of Toronto. The school is now known as the John Polanyi Collegiate Institute. You may also be able to recognize St. John’s Norway Cemetery and Crematorium in the funeral scene. It’s located at 246 Kingston Road. Additionally, the crew members were seen filming various scenes around Toronto, including Etobicoke, West Hill, Junction Gardens, and The Beaches.

In order to shoot a few scenes to be used in the film, the production team also went to The township of King City, located in King, and to Mississauga. Through the decades, GTHA has been a prominent location for production. GTHA was a major filming location for a variety of movies and television shows, including ‘ American Psycho,’ Good Will Hunting, “Schitt’s Creek, and The Handmaid’s Tale.’

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Detroit, Michigan

The opening sequences for the film were shot at two iconic Detroit sites. One of the locations includes Cass Technical High School, a.k.a. Cass Tech, at 2501 2nd Avenue The other is located at Michigan Central Station at 2001 15th Street. Also called the “Motor City,” Detroit has served as the location for filming for several films, including the Eminem-starring film 8 Mile as well as ‘ Transformers.’

Kansas City, Missouri

Furthermore, the production seems to have taken some shots of the establishing scene in Kansas City. Along with being famous for its jazz heritage, fountains, and barbecue, the city is also a popular location for filming. Many films, including ‘ American Honey and ‘Sicko, were shot in the city.

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