Where Was Lifetime’s Drowning in Secrets Filmed?

Where Was Lifetime’s Drowning in Secrets Filmed?

Lifetime’s newest action thriller Drowning in the Secrets has attracted a lot attention due to its stellar characters and plot.

Lifetime is a prime example. It is responsible for bringing captivating stories to viewers and this year, the channel comes back with a fascinating new movie. Lifetime’s latest thriller, Drowning in Secrets, has attracted much attention due to its stellar actors and the plot. It’s a story focused on keeping secret. The thrills will keep you fascinated.

These are the Top 4 Drowning in Secrets Filming Locations

“Drowning in Secrets” was shot in Connecticut particularly within Old Saybrook, Cromwell, Hartford and Middletown.

Old Saybrook, Connecticut

Old Saybrook is a town located in Middlesex County, Connecticut, United States. Its population was 10,481 as of the census in 2020. It comprises the incorporated town of Fenwick and the census-designated areas that include Old Saybrook Center and Saybrook Manor.

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Cromwell, Connecticut

Cromwell is an town located in Middlesex County, Connecticut, United States located in the middle of the state. Its population was 14,225 as of the time of the census in 2020. The town’s name refers to an old shipping vessel that sailed through the Connecticut River, which runs across Cromwell.

Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford is the capital within Hartford, located in the U.S. the state of Connecticut. It was the capital in Hartford County until Connecticut disbanded the county government in the year 1960. It is the city of the heart within the Greater Hartford metropolitan area.

Middletown, Connecticut

Middletown is a city on the outskirts of Middlesex County, Connecticut, located along the Connecticut River, in the state’s central region, which is 16 miles (26 kilometers) south of Hartford. In 1650, the city was adopted by English colonists in 1650 as a town with its initial Native American name, Mattabeseck.

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What was Drowning in Secrets Filmed? – FAQs

When Drowning in Secrets Will Release?

It will air on March 18th at 8/7 am on LMN.

Drowning in Secrets Film Cast?

Laura Poe plays Emma Caldwell as Emma Caldwell, with Alec Nevin as Peyton Brown. David Chokachi, Chelsea Vale, Christina DeRosa also star. Jacob Cooney directs the movie and Cooney and Jason White write the story.

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