Where was Negan? Is Jeffrey Dean Morgan Back on The Walking Dead?

In the eleventh and final season, AMC’s post-apocalyptic show The Walking Dead is the story of Negan working with Maggie and a handful of others from Alexandria to collect food items from Meridian to help with the acute shortages within Alexandria. Even though their past is turbulent and impacts Negan and Maggie’s friendship, they manage to defeat their enemies, the Reapers and gather the food supplies.

But, Negan decides to go on his own as he fears that Maggie could be pursuing revenge against him for murdering her husband. The viewers are waiting with anticipation for Negan’s return 13th episode in season 11 gives an essential development regarding the complex character. Let’s check it out! We’ll give you spoilers in the coming days.

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Where was Negan? Does Jeffrey Dean Morgan Back on The Walking Dead?

The answer is yes, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is back on the Walking Dead show. If Negan is witness to Maggie’s anger towards the Reapers, He realizes that it could be directed at Negan in the future in the event of Maggie’s husband being killed by Glenn. As he makes his way back towards Alexandria, Negan tells Maggie that he does not want to cause her a rift with his presence. He then is removed from the group. He returns to the group. He sets out on his journey without having a destination in mind and then ends in a church.

In the 13th episode of season 11, like Aaron, along with Gabriel, is accompanied by Toby Carlson to the religious group, Negan is part of the group. Although he initially confuses his former group members as an opposition group, Negan realizes that they fight Carlson, as do the other members of his group. Negan can save Gabriel and enlists Maggie’s help to handle the looming chaos. His quick thinking pays off as Maggie, Lydia, and Elijah arrive at the building to rescue Gabriel. Negan and Gabriel may attempt to team up along with Maggie, Aaron, and others to defeat the cruelty of Carlson.

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When Negan decides to end his journey after defeating the Reapers, Negan isn’t worried about anything other than his existence. Apart from the numerous walks, Negan doesn’t face any opponents on his way. Negan’s primary concern is his daily survival. However, the arrival of Carlson as the official representative to his fellow citizens of the Commonwealth and Lance influences Negan’s course of his life.

Negan is confronted by the presence of a larger and more powerful threat that could force Negan to reconsider his position about being a lone-wolf. He could consider being a member of Aaron and Gabriel for the moment to make sure that the Commonwealth doesn’t look forward to the loss or the death of one of his “friends.”

On the 14th episode, which is the eleventh of the season, we might be witnessing Negan and Maggie teaming up again to end Carlson as a threat. Because Gabriel and Aaron might decide to stay away from returning to the Commonwealth to ensure their safety and safety, they could be accompanied by Maggie to seek a home at Hilltop and possibly along with Negan. Maggie may view Carlson’s actions as the actual essence of the Commonwealth, so she must be wary of those who are part of the Commonwealth army. In light of the dire situation in Hilltop, Negan and others could offer their cooperation to Maggie to safeguard her and her family.

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If this is the case, the time has come for Negan or Maggie to reassure each other that they will focus on the battle that lies before them instead of trying to kill one another. The possibility of defeat for Carlson could motivate Lance to pursue his enigmatic plans, particularly before the time that Pamela learns of the exploitation of resources, which could eventually make him move to Hilltop to conquer the community.

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