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Where Was The Contractor Filmed?

Written and produced by Tarek Saleh, The Contractor is an action-packed war film. The story tells the tale of James Harper, a Special Forces Sergeant who has been involuntarily dismissed from the army. Following the advice of an experienced veteran, Harper is recruited into an underground contractor organization together with his fellow soldier Mike to help their families. But, when his first overseas assignment is derailed, The former is being pursued by his target and his recruiters.

James must save himself from his enemies and find out who was behind the plot to get back safely. The film is set against stunning backdrops across the globe. The Contractor is awe-inspiring to the viewers with its fast-paced images and thrilling story. If you’re looking to find details about the locations in which it was filmed, click here. Chris Pine’s starrer was shot and filmed; we’ve got your back. Let’s get started!

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The Contractor Filming Locations

The film is also referred to as ‘Violence of Act. The Contractor was shot in various locations across Georgia, California, Germany, Bulgaria, and Romania, particularly in and close to Atlanta, Los Angeles, Berlin, Bucharest, Constanta, Snagov, and Ruse. Certain portions were also shot in Denmark. The filming began in October 2019 and ended up in December. The following is information about the locations of filming.

Atlanta, Georgia

The film was mostly filmed. The film was filmed primarily in Atlanta, the capital of Georgia. of Georgia. Some scenes were shot in Marietta, a city in the suburbs of Atlanta. A city that had significant historical significance in The American Civil War and the civil rights movement. Atlanta is situated in the lush, green mountains of the Appalachian Mountains and has the highest density of urban trees in the United States.

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Furthermore, the beautiful cityscape and the presence of high-tech filming studios along with skilled actors and production crews create Atlanta a hot spot for filming. A number of films, including ‘ A Gift of Murder,’ Spider-Man and the Spider-Man: The Only Way Home,’ and ‘ The Suicide Squad, were shot in Atlanta. Additionally, Atlanta has several tourist sights, such as Atlanta’s Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park, Atlanta Cyclorama, Civil War Museum, and the Georgia Aquarium.

Los Angeles, California

A portion of the show has shot the film in Los Angeles, a large city in California. It is widely regarded as the center of America’s television and film industry; Los Angeles is a highly sought-after location for shooting due to its climate that is temperate as well as its vast network of creative artists, and breathtaking scenery that is dotted with mountains, clean urban areas, and wide-open spaces. For many years, the city has been the scene of the creation of many movies, such as ‘ Dog,” Licorice Pizza, and ‘Ambulance’ along with television shows like ‘ Inventing Anna and ‘ DMZ.’

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Berlin, Germany

The Contractor has shot the film in Berlin, the capital of the nation of Germany. The city has a rich political past and is an important center of art, culture, sciences, business, and art. It is situated on the banks of Spree Berlin’s economy relies on services sector jobs, tourism, research, media operations, and technology companies. The most iconic places to visit in Berlin are The Berlin War Memorial, Charlottenberg Palace, Museum Island, and the Palaces and Parks of Potsdam and Berlin. Numerous hit films, such as ‘Inglourious Blast’ and ‘ Munich: The Edge of War and Munich: The Edge of War’ as well as ‘ Matrix: Resurrections,’ were filmed in the city too.

Bucharest, Romania

Pivotal parts of the film were shot in Bucharest, Romania’s capital city and the country’s cultural and industrial center. The team that produced the film shot numerous scenes in the Pod Grozavesti train station. Many films like ‘ The Protege and ‘ War Dogs along with ‘Voyagers’ and the TV program ‘ Killing Eve was shot in Bucharest. The city is located at the mouth of the Dambovita River and was first documented in documents from 1459.

The city is frequently referred to as the “Paris of the East,” principally due to its incredible architecture that is a blend of interbellum, historical communist era, historical and contemporary. Arcul de Triumf, Palace of the Parliament, Romanian Athenaeum along the House of the Spark are among the most well-known tourist spots in Bucharest.

Constanta, Romania

The film was shot in the city of Constanta and also is situated on the shores of the Black Sea. The cast and crew filming at the sprawling Corbu Beach, a part of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. The principal tourist spots located in Constanta include Ovid’s square, The Roman Mosaics, Genoese Lighthouse along the Grand Mosque of Constanta. Alongside The Chris Pine starrer, ‘ What Happened to Monday? The Romanoffs’ and ‘What Happened to Monday’ were also filmed in the city.

Snagov, Romania

The production of “The Contractor” was also filmed in Snagov, a commune comprised of five villages: Ciofliceni, Ghermanesti, Snagov, Tancabesti, and Vladiceasca. The village is situated on Lake Snagov’s shores in the Wallachian Plain; the majority of the population is ethnic Romanians. Films such as ‘A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding’ and Christmas at the Palace was shot in Snagov

Ruse, Bulgaria

The team of production also relocated to Ruse, the city which lies in the middle of the Danube. The Danube for filming several scenes. Famous because of the city’s Neo-Baroque as well as Neo-Rococo design, Ruse is termed by the public by the name of “Little Vienna.” The Monument of Liberty, Dohodno Zdanie, Holy Trinity Cathedral, and Basarbovo Monastery are just a handful of examples of the city’s architectural wonders. There is also the Eco-Museum, and Aquarium is yet another attraction in Ruse.


The film was recorded in Denmark; a Nordic country made up of Jutland along with 443 named islands. The city is rich in cultural and political past and has a beautiful landscape with rivers. The television series ‘ Money Heist, as well as the films The house that Jack built’ The Danish Girl, the Danish Girl,’ and ‘ Another Round There, are a number of shows that were shot in Denmark.

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