Where Was The Rental Filmed?

Where Was The Rental Filmed?

Director-actress Dave Franco’s ‘The Rental’ is an enthralling horror film that leaves audiences with a lingering thread of thoughts. The story starts as one of those usual thrillers in which people are taken to an abandoned cabin, but things change when they go south.

The story does go downhill, but you do not see the source for the menace until the moment it begins to creep into the protagonists and takes them down. The opening scene is peaceful when the brothers and their friends head to the revealed location. But the double exposure photos are a way to prepare viewers for other surprises. But Where Was The Rental Filmed?

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Where Was The Rental Filmed?

When it was released, The 2020 film gained appreciation from critics and fans as it ranked in the top ten films on several on-demand charts. The rental home, “Cliffside Home,” is a two-story house with views of the vast ocean. You might be wondering where the film was shot. If that’s the case, let us help you find the locations.

The Filming Locations of Rental

The Rental was shot all across the US, particularly in Oregon. The filming began on the 22nd of April 2019 and wrapped on the 24th of May this year. Because of its wide variety of stunning landscapes and its closeness, the city of Hollywood, Oregon, has been an ideal location for filming by producers and filmmakers through the time of cinema. Films made in the state go as far back as 1897 when ‘FastMail, Northern Pacific Railroad’ was shot in the Portland region. Since the time, Oregon has been a bustling filming destination, featuring in critically acclaimed films such as Milos Forman’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.’

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Furthermore, the state’s OPIF (The Oregon Production Investment Fund) provides attractive tax incentives for films that invest over $1 million within the state. Through the fund, eligible productions get a 20% cash incentive on all expenses related to goods and services within the state and the additional benefit of a 10% reduction on the wages paid to productions that film in the state. Christian Sprenger of ‘ Atlanta fame was brought on as Director of Photography on the film. Meredith Lippincott, whose past credits include ‘ Never Rarely Sometimes Always, was in charge of the production design department. Let us take you to the locations where the film was shot.

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Bandon, Oregon

The crew and the director decided to shoot the majority portions of the film in Bandon, the town of a few inhabitants located on the outskirts of Coos County, on the river’s mouth. Coquille River. The film is about the Rental of a house, and, surprisingly to say, the filmmaker has a memory of being in an Airbnb overlooking the ocean off of the Seven Devils Road while filming the film. The small township is where you can find two of the top golf courses in America. Visitors aren’t frequenting the town, so even with a tiny staff director, it was like they had sacked the township.

In addition, local businesses received a boost in their profits because of the filming in the area. The director was impressed by the area and found it “beautiful” but also “ominous” because it provides a spectacular perspective over the Pacific. The house where the crew recorded the majority of the sequences was located at the extravagant Seawinds Estate, situated on the top of a cliff that lies between Bandon Dunes Golf Resort and the southern apex of Cape Arago. The sprawling house, including a private beach, boasts five thousand square feet.

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Portland, Oregon

In addition, certain scenes were shot in Portland, specifically those featured at the beginning of the film. While located in the state of Oregon, actors and crew members were able to visit the city situated at the mouth of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. With a background to Mount Hood, the city has become a popular location for filming due to its lack of recognizable buildings.

In everything from Gus Van Sant’s “My Own Idaho” to Michael Sarnoski’s’Indie’ masterpiece ‘ Pig,’ Portland has been featured in film since the very beginning of the film the past. Portland is also famous for its eco-friendly lifestyle and bicycle trails, and microbreweries.

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