Billions: Who are Judge Adam DeGiulio & Dr. Swerdlow?

Judge Adam DeGiulio & Dr. Swerdlow

The Showtime series Billions‘ was launched in 2016. It has been a wildly popular show, mainly populated by morally grey characters. It often amazes viewers with celebrities from outside the entertainment industry as guest stars. Professional actors appear in cameo or recurring roles. Rob Morrow, Rick Hoffman and Dr. Swerdlow are examples of such actors. This is all you need to know.


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Who is Judge Adam DeGiulio?

Adam DeGiulio appears in episode 6 of season 1. He titled it ‘The Deal’. Adam congratulates Chuck for his victory over Steven Birch, a hedge fund tycoon. He warns Chuck against launching a campaign against Wall Street, as this is the fundraising season and his boss, Attorney General, wants to support the powerful and wealthy.

Chuck defends himself, saying he is simply doing his job. Adam is still not convinced. He points out that Chuck’s spouse Wendy works for Bobby Axelrod. Later in the episode Chuck calls Adam to inform him that Axe will lose his company and pay $1.9 billion in penalties. He also admits that he is guilty.

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Adam has been a regular character on the series since then. He appeared in five episodes on season 1, season 2, season 4, season 3 and season 5. He is a high-ranking official at the Department of Justice at the start of the series. Chuck helps him later become a judge. Season 5 sees Adam DeGiulio become the solicitor general.

Adam appears in season 6 episode 10, “Johnny Favorite.” Chuck is forced to resign as Attorney General of New York by Mike Prince’s manipulation in episode 9. Charles Sr. and Ira Schirmer join Adam to take Chuck to a retreat to help him forget about his recent loss. Chuck initially refuses to go, but his father and friends convince him eventually.

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Who is Dr. Swerdlow

Hoffman is an expert at portraying eccentric and unusual characters on the screen. His Dr. Swerdlow is a great example of this. Season 5 episode 7 features Swerdlow, titled ‘The Limitless Sh*t. Swerdlow is a doctor with a dubious reputation. Chuck receives him at his office and almost immediately a parallel is drawn to him with the protagonist of “The Good Doctor.”

However, Swerdlow, unlike Dr. Shaun Murphy, is greedy and apathetic. Swerdlow says that he once cared about his patient, but then they started suing him. He now only accepts money from people who are willing to pay him a lot.

Chuck’s father is in need of a kidney transplant. Chuck hires Swerdlow to help him, as he knows that Charles Sr. has very little legal chance of getting a kidney. Swerdlow is featured in two episodes of season 5. Season 6 episode 10: Chuck’s group meets Swerdlow at the retreat

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