Who Is Cece Coffee and Where Is She Now?

Who Is Cece Coffee and Where Is She Now?

Cece Coffee was unaware of what was to come for her on a quiet night in July. While the beloved grandmother was at home the two intruders broke into her home and attempted to rob her with a gun.

Investigation Discovery’s “Home Alone Inheriting Evil’ walks viewers through the story and demonstrates how Cece defeated her adversaries through sheer courage. We’ve got the answer if this story piques your attention and you’d like to know precisely where Cece is.

Where is Cece Coffee Now? Cece has moved to a new home within Peachtree City. She is an crew member on the vessel. Below are more information about Cece Coffee.

Who Is Cece Coffee?

A kind and sweet woman, Cece Coffee is a affectionate grandmother who is in touch with her loved ones. But at the time of the attack she was living at Peachtree City in Georgia and was living with her landlord, Jeff Young.

The love of her community and admired by her community, Cece had a wonderful life within Peachtree City. But an unintentional and shocking incident threatened to take it down completely.

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Cece Coffee was sitting at home on the 13th, 2012 as Gilbert and Ted Jefferson walked in through the front door. They kept their eyes on Cece for a long time and thought she was hiding an entire safe of cash within the home.

As if she was a target for easy shooting The duo pounced with a shotgun and hoped to encounter almost no resistance. But Cece was a strong woman and would not quit without a fight.

Cece politely refused after the robbers came up to her and asked her to open the safe under gunpoint. Cece was determined not to concede and instead, she pleaded with the criminals to get away before it was too late.

The situation was a source of anger for both Gilbert and Ted The two then started attacking the grandmother, before cutting extension cords from the walls to secure her. But, Cece managed to block the most abrasive blows, and refused to be trounced.

The commotion soon got to Jeff Young’s ears He rushed inside and attempted to shield Cece. Cece’s grandmother took advantage of this to rush towards the front door, but could hear the sound of a shotgun firing in her direction.

Amazingly, the shotgun’s pellet barely grazed the head of Cece and injured her , but it could not shake her resolve. Cece walked outside and waited until the fighters leave from their vehicle. When she heard the car depart the scene, she went to her neighbour’s house to seek assistance.

Where Is Cece Coffee Now?

Following the incident, Cece and Jeff’s witness statements helped police narrow the case of Gilbert’s case and Ted Jefferson.

The suspects claimed their innocence at the time of arrest however Gilbert later confessed, and he was willing to accept a lighter punishment in exchange for testimony in Ted’s trial.

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Cece was present during Ted’s trial and her involvement was pivotal in the conviction and sentencing of Ted.

While Cece is still the owner of the house which was burglarized the ruins, she admitted that she didn’t feel at ease sleeping in the bedroom after the burglary.

Therefore, she moved to a new residence and settled in Peachtree City. As it appears, Cece Coffee works as an crew member on a vessel. We are happy to see Cece living a happy and fulfilling life and wish her all the best in the years ahead.

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