Who is Clayton with now as The Bachelor season 26 airs finale?

Who is Clayton with now as The Bachelor season 26 airs finale?

Clayton is finally reunited with Susie Evans as The Bachelor season 26 comes to an end. In the season finale episode, he revealed that they are still together, despite Susie’s refusal of his proposal to marry in Iceland.

Susie also made Clayton her boyfriend before an audience lives in LA. The couple also announced that Clayton is set to move to Virginia to spend time with his wife.

The couple went further to admit that they were in love, but they were expecting the backlash of Bachelor Nation.

However, they still have to declare their relationship on Instagram officially.

The season of Clayton Echard’s The Bachelor season 26 has ended dramatically, and the Bachelor’s star has taken his choice.

After having a chat with a huge number of women on this show, Clayton has narrowed his thoughts to the three women on the show: Rachel Recchia, Gabby Windey, and Susie Evans.

The fantasy suite episode featured the Bachelor receiving lots of criticism over his treatment of Susie. But that’s over now.

In the episode’s finale In the final episode, we can in the finale episode; we see Clayton sitting with his final two contestants while they break up together. He decides to go after Susie even though she has left him in the episode before.

He informs Rachel Gabby and Rachel Gabby to know that his heart belongs with Susie regardless of whether she chooses to.

An angry Gabby promptly quits after the breakup, saying that Clayton did not have respect for her or Rachel.

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