Who is Donovan Lamb? Why was Vivian Kent Fired?

Who is Donovan Lamb? Why was Vivian Kent Fired?

Who is Donovan Lamb?

Donovan Lamb is a 16-year-old New York high school student.

Why was Vivian Kent Fired From Bloomberg?

We can’t provide all the answers here, so make sure to read the full article to discover the complete possible answers. Before we get started, we’ll take a glance at Inventing Anna.

Inventing Anna It is an American miniseries on streaming TV drama created and directed by Shonda Rhimes. It was inspired by the tale of Anna Sorokin and a piece from New York titled “How Anna Delvey tricked NYC’s Party People” by Jessica Pressler. The show premiered in February on Netflix February.

Who do you think is Donovan Lamb?

In pursuing Anna’s twisted tale of grifts and scams, Vivian is stung by an unrelated event from her past, which hinders her research. A young man named Donovan Lamb, who Vivian interviewed several years in the past for an article, has been featured on “America Investigated which is a program that examines journalistic ethics.

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What was the reason Vivian Kent Fired from Bloomberg?

In the Netflix series as Donovan Lamb’s interview on the show ‘America Investigated closes in, Vivian is pushed by her superiors to be to the show to present her side of the tale. However, she doesn’t want to.

In the discussions there is a mention that she was supposed to begin working for Bloomberg but could not because of the controversy around how she covered Donovan Lamb.

In the final analysis, Vivian is vindicated when her Anna Sorokin story turns out to be among Manhattan magazine’s top-read stories.

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You might have realized there’s a true-life analogy here too. Pressler was scheduled to be a part of the Bloomberg News investigative unit.

However, following her piece on the “$72 million stock market whiz of teenagers” and the subsequent media storm her journalist decided to remain at New York Magazine.

Of course, as Vivian Kent, the real-life journalist was also the one to write the hugely popular story about Anna Sorokin afterward.

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