Who is QCXINT? Where is He From?


QuadrigaCX is, a trading platform for cryptocurrency, was the subject of national attention in January of 2019 when it was revealed the death of Gerald Cotten, the CEO was dead. Because he was the sole individual with control of the money, several customers could not access their funds, and the total was more than 200 million. Netflix’s “Trust No One the Hunt for the Crypto King film tells the fascinating but gruesome tale of an untold millionaire who becomes a fraud scammer.

In the documentary, the audience is introduced to an elusive character called QCXINT. The man was a QCXINT and had his money stored in Quadriga. He carried out a lengthy amateur investigation to discover what happened to the money and discovered many secrets throughout the investigation. So, if you’re looking to learn more about the person, Here’s the information we have.

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Who is QCXINT?

QCXINT was among the many customers who employed QuadrigaCX to exchange cryptocurrency. He owned around six figures of money invested. QCXINT was a system that tracked the price of various digital currencies and earned money by buying low and selling at high prices. When he heard about Gerry’s passing in the wake of the tragedy, he was sceptical about the suddenness of the death, declaring, “For someone [Cotten’sage, who is a young man and then to die suddenly in the midst of holding the keys to tens of millions of dollars, I believe is a shock to the majority of people. I could smell the odour of a rat. People everywhere did.”

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Of course, QCXINT and many other customers were interested in the whereabouts of their money. They looked at the Blockchain, an electronic ledger with transactions details. When Jennifer Gerry’s wife had claimed that she did not have access to company reserves, QCXINT and others realized that there weren’t any cold accounts that were accessible, which means that all the money had disappeared.

Police contacted QCXINT at Royan Canadian Mounted Police to insist on an investigation into the incident. However, the police weren’t familiar with cryptocurrency or how it operated at the time. He later stated, “I spent a couple of hours on the phone explaining the basics to an RCMP investigator and came away feeling like he’d be much more comfortable with a dead body, a loaded gun, and a trail of blood.”

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Then, QCXINT decided to follow the trail of virtual trails left by Gerald to find more information about the company and its founder. The result was the creation of an online creditor group that investigated Quadriga along with Gerry. In the next few days, QCXINT traced Gerry to an account on the internet called Sceptre and discovered that he was a frequent perpetrator of committing Ponzi schemes. It also discovered that Quadriga’s cofounder, Michael Patryn, had a past of committing fraud.

QCXINT discovered that Gerry and Michael had known each other since 2003. They were involved in forums that talked about Ponzi schemes. Additionally, Gerry’s email address was identified as a contact number for one of Michael’s companies, which is controversial, Midas Gold. QCXINT also discovered that Gerry provided intermediary services for clients who had previously used his services to help to hide their identities on the web.

Where is QCXINT From?

In the end, authorities discovered that Gerry was making use of customer funds to conduct trades on different cryptocurrency exchanges while gambling with the cash. In regards to the identity of QCXINT, the man refused to reveal the identity of his family members who would be injured. We do know that QCXINT refers to Quadriga Intelligence. He’s aged 40 and is a software developer.

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