Who Killed the McStays?

Who Killed the McStays? Although the McStay murders occurred in 2010, there are many incidents that you will not forget. Two Shallow Graves is a documentary series that gives us a fresh perspective. We get new information but are left to our interpretations of what has happened.

Answer: Most people are aware that Charles “Chase,” Meritt was the main suspect in the case. He was sentenced to death in 2020. As we became a part of the investigation from its beginning, this series has shed light on the case.

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Who Killed the McStay Familie?

Charles Meritt was a family friend and business associate of Joseph McStay and was found guilty on June 10, 2019, of the murders of Joseph McStay and his wife Summer and their two children. Meritt was sentenced on January 21, 2020.

What Are The Series Two Shallow Graves About?

Investigation Discovery will release the documentary series Two Shallow Graves on May 22, 2022. It features interviews with suspects, witnesses and evidence from the investigation into the McStay murders.

The documentary shows Charles Meritt’s arrest and trial, both from the perspective of the prosecution and the defence. The series has seven episodes.

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Did There Exist Any Other Theory?

Many theories were also put forth before their remains turned up in the desert north of Victorville. A radio host Rick Baker wrote a book titled No Goodbyes. The Mysterious Disappearances of the McStay Familie. He speculated that Summer may have been responsible for the disappearance.

He conducted extensive research and interviewed many people to compile the book. He discovered that Joseph was suffering from an unspecified illness, and Summer was possessive. Baker offered a full refund to anyone who purchased the book after their bodies were discovered.

When Joseph’s father asked him if Chase was guilty of the murders, Chase replied that he believed so, just as Joseph believed in Chase. He hoped Chase wasn’t involved in their murders.

The family vanished without any signs of struggle. The family vanished without any trace of struggle. A carton of eggs was found on the counter, and two small bowls of popcorn were on the couch. It was concluded that they must have fled to Mexico. You can also search the internet for “What documents are required to travel to Mexico span.”

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Their remains were found, and their deaths were ruled a homicide. The investigation began with Charles Meritt quickly becoming the main suspect. Meritt was previously convicted of theft and burglary. In his joint venture with Joseph McStay, he wrote large checks to himself.

Meritt said he passed the polygraph test, but he pointed out all evidence. He was eventually found guilty of their murders.

Will the Series Change Anything?

Two Shallow Graves provides all the facts and information needed to investigate and prosecute. This series is unaffected and helps us understand all that happened since the disappearance.

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