Who Will Charlotte End Up With

Who Will Charlotte End Up With: Colonel Lennox, Alexander Colbourne, or Charles Lockhart? Theories

Season 1 of ” Sanditon” sees Charlotte Heywood arrive in the title seaside resort town to experience firsthand the modernization and change taking place. She finds herself in a dilemma between James Stringer, the friendly foreman, and the brooding Sidney Parker, the resort owner’s younger brother. She chooses the former, but she is left feeling broken when he gives up their love and marries Eliza to his family as the debut season ends.

After his wedding, Sidney is killed in Antigua from yellow fever. She is reintroduced to Sanditon in season 2 and attracts the attention of three new suitors, Alexander Colbourne, Colonel Francis Lennox, and Charles Lockhart. Charlotte has made a vow to stay single and not marry since Sidney’s passing, but it is very likely that one of these handsome men will win Charlotte’s heart. Let’s see who has the best chance of winning her heart, shall we? SPOILERS AHEAD.

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Are Alexander and Charlotte Colbourne going to be together?

Alexander Colbourne, a widower who owns a large estate and is very private, doesn’t mix well with the locals. His nine-year-old daughter Leonora and his teenage niece Augusta are cared for by him. The widower’s death left him a single father who struggles to care for his daughters and is forced to abandon them by his work.

Alexander meets Charlotte for the first time when Charlotte rescues Leonora in a mishap. She also accompanies Leonora to her home. After a very difficult interview, she finds Alexander’s behavior quite dismissive and curt. However, he sees potential and offers to be her governess to the girls. Charlotte is nervous about proving herself and confronted by Leonora, a very unruly Leonora who insists that she behaves like an Augusta and a tomboy.

Alexander tells Charlotte to be a proper lady but warns her about their antics. Leonora opens up to her, but Augusta resists and makes her play the piano for Alexander’s wife. He confronts Augusta, but Charlotte takes the blame and continues to rant about how she doesn’t pay enough attention to the girls.

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Alexander is impressed by Charlotte’s honesty and courage. He gives her another chance at overcoming stubborn girls. Although he might seem a bit stiff, he is a good match for Charlotte because they have many things in common. Both of them have lost their loved ones and have since withdrawn from each other. Both are committed to their work and believe that everyone should have equal opportunities.

Alexander’s hot-and-cold attitude towards Charlotte reminds me of Sidney. She may discover that Alexander is a man with emotions underneath and melt his cold exterior as the story progresses. The shared grief of their loss will help them bond deeply and could lead to a romance.

Will Charlotte and Colonel Lennox end up together?

Colonel Francis Lennox arrives with his Sanditon battalion and sets up camp in town. This sparked the interest of the locals. Charlotte’s sister Alison falls in love with Captain Fraser, a young officer who saves her from a carriage accident.

Charlotte, Georgiana, and Allison, on the other hand, run into a shirtless Colonel Lennox as they wander unaccompanied into the army camp. She is more civil than the other women and doesn’t seem to be affected by his charms, unlike the others. He finds her beautiful and attempts to win her affection. Although she isn’t open to him, there is definitely a spark between them.

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Later, Colonel Lennox meets Charlotte while she walks to Colbourne Estate on her first day at work. He congratulates Charlotte and invites her to the Mess Dinner hosted at Colbourne by soldiers. Colonel Lennox graciously hosts the Dinner and dances with Charlotte while they enjoy one another’s company. He is slightly shocked when Charlotte reveals Alexander is her employer.

Colonel Lennox, a gentleman who is thorough and has a great sense of humor, will be a strong competitor for Alexander in his pursuit of Charlotte. Due to his social status and likability, many of her friends will encourage her to choose him. Although it is uncertain whether Charlotte will fall for his charismatic persona, he will undoubtedly play an important role in her life.

Will Charlotte Lockhart and Charles Lockhart end up together?

Charles Lockhart, an outspoken artist, lands in Sanditon during Charlotte’s summer return to painting and seeks inspiration. He is charming, self-indulgent, and very interested in the finer things of life. He is a charming, self-indulgent man with a lot of flamboyance.

Charles attempts to flirt with Charlotte at first but quickly gravitates towards Georgiana. She constantly rejects his advances. Charles is eager to learn more about the former and begins asking questions. Although Georgiana is quite rude to him, she finds him amusing and is slightly attracted to his unpredictable and mysterious self.

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He views Charlotte only as a muse and announces his plans to win Georgiana at the Mess Dinner. There, he makes an unpleasant toast in her honor. He is criticized by everyone in town, but she admires his calm demeanor and wants to get to know him better.

It is clear that Charles will not pursue Charlotte romantically, but his moodiness does not guarantee how serious he really is about Georgiana. He will surely add spice to the Sanditon town life, regardless of whether or not he finds love.

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