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Will Mercer and Princess End Up Together in The Walking Dead? Theories?

Mercer first encounters Juanita “Princess” Sanchez as one of Eugene’s team in AMC’s post-apocalyptic drama “The Walking Dead. After interrogation and orientation, Princess is welcomed into the Commonwealth. Commonwealth offers its doors to Princess, and she is accepted into the community. In the 15th episode, the eleventh season, Mercer and Princess begin a relationship.

As both have to deal with the baggage and traumas of previous relationships, they are hesitant to contemplate an emotional connection to their relationship. However, Princess makes evident to Mercer that she can handle his suffering, which makes one want to know if they’ll make an actual engagement. Let’s see! There are spoilers ahead.

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Will Mercer And Princess ever be together?

The relationship between Mercer and Princess begins as General Mercer of the Commonwealth army is trying to manage his obligations. Although he’s not responsible for killing Sebastian’s accomplices, who’ve slain many civilians to the grave to gain the selfish benefit of the son of the Governor, their deaths begin to cause him to be troubled. He is consumed by guilt and refuses to admit that he was an unthinking murderer. Princess is born in his life at the time that Mercer is unable to decide if the person he’s dealing with is a moral or a bad one.

This emotional tension can prevent Mercer from seeing Princess as more than just a sexual companion. Even when she expresses her willingness to hear Mercer make him feel better, the powerful general refuses to open the door to her, at least for a short time. When Max can confront him about not being a part of the fight against Sebastian, He is at the bottom of his struggle. As he regards himself as the one who protects the citizens of the Commonwealth, the realization that he’s not protecting the community’s citizens makes him feel a bit irritated. Without a place to go, Mercer goes to see Princess, who comforts him.

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Princess, her genuine efforts to aid Mercer in overcoming his struggles with emotions show that he’s not just a romantic partner to her. Although a solid relationship might not be a realistic possibility for both of them, the promise made by Princess to support Mercer in figuring out the best way to manage his feelings of confusion and anxiety could be the first step towards an emotional connection.

The willingness of Mercer to open up before Princess shows that she is more than a mere guest in his life. The fact that she is able to tackle life with positivity, regardless of the severity of the difficulties she has to face, might encourage Mercer to be the same.

If Mercer is able to continue to open up to Princess, He may be able to see how much she knows about his feelings and worries. This kind of compatibility could become the basis of their future relationship. Based on Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard’s ‘The Walking Dead,’ the comic book that is the basis of this show, Princess and Mercer’s journey as a couple doesn’t conclude the show’s beginning. Although the show’s plot has diverged from the comics in a few situations, the possibility of remaining together is still there.

While Eugene, Max, and others seek to discover the secrets buried by the Miltons, Mercer may get required to choose between the rulers or the citizens who are part of the Commonwealth. If he chooses to trust the people over the Miltons, we are sure that the Princess will be with him throughout both thin and thick.

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