Will Wilford Die

Will Wilford Die? Will Sean Bean Be in Snowpiercer Season 4?

After being released from the prison of Layton, Wilford gathers his allies to take back control of his beloved Snowpiercer in the third season’s finale on TNT’s post-apocalyptic show “Snowpiercer”. The turmoil within the train is triggered by Melanie’s confession against Layton and Wilford’s desire to become the tyrant among the remaining members of humanity. The evil engineer also introduces a brand new cold-blooded man to enhance his power.

But, Layton and Melanie team together when they realize that fighting will only serve to help Wilford become a brutal and a dictatorial leader for the Snowpiercer. They can force Wilford to quit the train, which makes one think about the possibility of his death. Here’s all you must be aware of! SPOILERS AHEAD.

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Will Wilford Die?

If Melanie and Wilford can join forces to fight Layton’s Tail Army, Layton realizes that another conflict on the Snowpiercer is only going to benefit Wilford. Layton clarifies the situation to Melanie, and she is aware that Wilford is more dangerous to the security and freedom of people on board than Layton. As a team, Melanie and Layton force Wilford to get out of the Snowpiercer in the tiny rail car Melanie utilized to get through. Wilford leaves the train with enough suspension medication to barely survive without any other resources.

Since Melanie has proven it is possible to live in the absence of Snowpiercer, Wilford may follow her example and live to see. With enough suspension medications available, the powerful engineer might be able to prolong his existence and keep away from dying. While he poses a serious danger to Snowpiercer, Wilford is still an important asset. His expertise in train operations and ability to manage engineering problems make his skills too valuable to be slain in the series. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising to find out that Melanie will allow him to come back on her train to benefit from his expertise.

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Melanie doesn’t want Wilford to pass away. She is aware that he’s the first assistance she’ll need in the event of the possibility of a mechanical issue that could compromise her train’s security. Therefore, Melanie will most likely ensure that he will not be able to come to a definitive conclusion. He’s forced to leave the Snowpiercer due to his attempts to organize a coup, leading Melanie and Layton with no option. As the turmoil has subsided, Melanie may imprison him in order to ensure that he will be sought out for help in the event of threats.

Will Sean Bean Be in Snowpiercer Season 4?

The company, neither Sean Bean nor TNT, has issued any statements or announcements about Wilford’s possible departure. While he is leaving the Snowpiercer with potential life-threatening risks, there’s an opportunity for him to be able to return back on the train. The final scene from the final season portrays an explosion Melanie is witness to that could be an elaborate trick Wilford uses to lure Melanie to the scene. With enough drugs for the suspension to last, Wilford is expected to be able to survive and return to the train that Melanie was on, just like he did when he connected Big Alive with the Snowpiercer.

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Because Wilford is among the characters that are most important to the show, it is possible that we will not have Sean Bean leave yet. We will see Melanie track him down and return to her train in the coming season. Because of Javi’s absence, she might require an engineer’s brain and hands and is in a position of bargaining with Wilford. In light of these possibilities, we think Sean Bean will most likely appear in the upcoming season of ‘Snowpiercer 4.

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